This Week on TV – 6/14/09-6/20/09

Welcome to a new week of TV! Lots on this week. The summer season is definitely getting into the swing of things. Don’t miss some big stuff this week, like the season premiere of True Blood on Sunday and the return of Eli Stone on Saturday. Check it out now! Jump with me to see this week’s schedule!


Sunday is the season finale of Million Dollar Password on CBS at 8/7c. Tonight’s celebrities are Jeff Garlin and Chelsea Handler.

Tonight’s episode of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? on BBC America is at 8/7c and may be 2 hours. I can’t determine for sure, so if you are watching that show, you might plan on it!

Tonight is also the season premiere of one of my newest favorite shows, True Blood on HBO at 9/8c.

Finally, tonight is the series premiere of Hammertime on A&E at 10/9c, followed by a 2nd new episode at 10:30/9:30c. Take a peek inside the life of Stanley Burrell who rapped and danced his way into the hearts of America in the 1990s as MC Hammer and to date has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide and is a three-time Grammy award winner. Known for his thrilling stage shows, powerful dance moves, catchy pop hits and his community commitment, Hammer faced some very public financial woes and now lives a more economically balanced life in Oakland, California with Stephanie, his wife and confidant of more than 23 years, and their family of six kids ranging in ages 4-21.

There may or may not be basketball on tonight, depending on if the game is needed. I don’t follow it, so I don’t have a clue… but if it isn’t on, only reruns will be in its place.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*Million Dollar Password (#112) – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *Series Premiere*Hammertime (#01/101 & 05/105) – A&E @ 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c (2 New Episodes Including Series Premiere)
  • *Season Premiere*True Blood (#201) – HBO @ 9/8c
  • *Sports*Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night – ABC @ 7/6c
  • *Sports*NBA Countdown – ABC @ 7:31/6:31c
  • *Sports*NBA Finals, Game 5 – ABC @ 8:01/7:01c
  • *New*Army Wives (#302) – Lifetime @ 10/9c
  • *New*Brooke Knows Best (#202-30) – VH1 @ 10/9c
  • *New*Daisy of Love (#107-60) – VH1 @ 9/8c
  • *New*Denise Richards: It’s Complicated (#202) – E! @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*Expedition Africa (#103) – History Channel @ 10/9c
  • *New*Gene Simmons Family Jewels (#80/409 & 81/410) – A&E @ 9/8c & 9:30/8:30c (2 New Episodes)
  • *New*HGTV’s $250,000 Challenge (#HCHL1-103) – HGTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? (#102) – BBC America @ 8/7c (2-Hour New Episode)
  • *New*Ice Road Truckers (#303) – History Channel @ 9/8c
  • *New*In Plain Sight (#208) – USA @ 10/9c
  • *New*Jesse James Is a Dead Man (#103) – Spike TV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Kendra (#103) – E! @ 10/9c
  • *New*Law & Order: CI (#808) – USA @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Next Food Network Star (#502) – Food Network @ 9/8c


Monday is the season finale of Greek on ABC Family at 8/7c and Pros vs. Joes on Spike TV at 11/10c.

Tonight is also the 1-hour season premiere of Run’s House on MTV at 10/9c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*Greek (#222) – ABC Family @ 8/7c
  • *Season Finale*Pros vs. Joes (#408) – Spike TV @ 11/10c
  • *Season Premiere*Run’s House (#601-60) – MTV @ 10/9c (1-Hour Season Premiere)
  • *New*4th & Long (#105) – Spike TV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Cake Boss (#104) – TLC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Charm School (#306-60) – VH1 @ 9/8c
  • *New*Gotti’s Way (#207-30) – VH1 @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*Here Come the Newlyweds (#204) – ABC @ 10:02/9:02c
  • *New*I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here (#210-120) – NBC @ 8/7c (2-Hour New Episode)
  • *New*Intervention (#90/705) – A&E @ 9/8c
  • *New*Jon & Kate Plus 8 (#505-30) – TLC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (#502) – Bravo @ 10/9c
  • *New*New York Goes To Work (#107-30) – VH1 @ 10/9c
  • *New*Nurse Jackie (#102) – Showtime @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*Obsessed (#03/103) – A&E @ 10/9c
  • *New*Raising the Bar (#202) – TNT @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Bachelorette (#505-120) – ABC @ 8/7c (2-Hour New Episode)
  • *New*The Closer (#502) – TNT @ 9/8c
  • *New*Weeds (#502) – Showtime @ 10/9c


Tuesday is the series premiere of Wedding Day on TNT at 8/7c. Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding. For many, it’s the most important and emotional day of their lives. But for some, insurmountable obstacles create barriers to making their dream day a reality. This new TNT series, the network’s first-ever unscripted drama, comes from producing giants Mark Burnett Productions and DreamWorks Television. The show gives deserving couples a helping hand to ensure the most important day of their lives is also the most magical. Each week, celebrity event planner and food expert Alan Dunn (For Better or Worse) and celebrity wedding producer and designer Diann Valentine (author of Weddings Valentine Style) host as family, friends and community come together to create a dream wedding. Along the way, viewers will learn each couple’s compelling story, from their first date to their wedding day.

Following that is the series premiere of Hawthorne on TNT at 9/8c. In this character-driven medical drama, Jada Pinkett Smith (The Women & wife of actor Will Smith, one of my favs!) plays Christina Hawthorne, a compassionate and headstrong Chief Nursing Officer heading up a group of dedicated nurses at Richmond Trinity Hospital who spend long days and nights on the hospital’s front lines. Hawthorne is the kind of nurse you want on your side when you or someone you love is in the hospital. She is the kind of nurse who fights for her patients and doesn’t let them slip through the cracks. When necessary, she takes on doctors and administrators who are overworked, distracted or just unable to see the human being behind the hospital chart. The cast also includes Michael Vartan (Alias) as Dr. Tom Wakefield, the oncologist who treated Christina’s husband and who serves as director of medicine for the hospital; Suleka Mathew (Men in Trees) as Bobbie Jackson, a fellow nurse and one of Hawthorne’s best friends; David Julian Hirsh (Lovebites) as Ray Stein, a nurse struggling with being accepted in a female-dominated profession; Christina Moore (90210) as Candy Sullivan, a nurse with a unique sense of duty; and Hannah Hodson (TNT’s The Ron Clark Story) as Camille, Hawthorne’s daughter. In addition, special guest star Joanna Cassidy (Six Feet Under) portrays Amanda, Hawthorne’s mother-in-law, who also happens to be a member of the hospital board.

Finally, following THAT is the season premiere of Saving Grace, also on TNT, at 10/9c. lol Busy night for TNT viewers!

If you watched the first season of The Singing Bee last year, don’t be shocked but it has now moved to CMT. Tonight is the 1-hour season premiere on a special night and time at 10:30/9:30c.

Tonight is the 30-minute pre-premiere special of Dance Your Ass Off on Oxygen at 11/10c. I’m going ahead and giving you the link and info now, since it’s a new show. It won’t actually “premiere” until the 29th. The 10 one-hour episode dance/weight-loss competition series launches with a super sized 90-minute premiere with limited commercials on June 29th. Bringing dance and diet together, the new series features talented, full-figured contestants who struggle with their weight and dance to unleash their inner thin. TONY Award-winning actress Marissa Jaret Winokur, well known for her role as plus-sized Tracy Turnblad in the hit Broadway musical Hairspray (& on Dancing With the Stars), serves as host.

Again, basketball will only be on if needed, and if not, a new episode of Cupid will air on ABC at 10/9c!

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*The Real Housewives of New Jersey (#106) – Bravo @ 10/9c
  • *Series Premiere*Hawthorne (#101) – TNT @ 9/8c
  • *Series Premiere*Wedding Day (#101) – TNT @ 8/7c
  • *Season Premiere*Saving Grace (#301) – TNT @ 10/9c
  • *Season Premiere*The First 48 (#131/813) – A&E @ 9/8c
  • *Season Premiere*The Singing Bee (#201-60) – CMT @ 10:30/9:30c (1-Hour Season Premiere)
  • *Special*2009 CMT Music Awards – CMT @ 8/7c
  • *Special*Dance Your Ass Off (#100-30) – Oxygen @ 11/10c (30-Minute Pre-Premiere Special)
  • *Sports*Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night – ABC @ 8/7c
  • *Sports*NBA Countdown – ABC @ 8:31/7:31c
  • *Sports*NBA Finals, Game 6 – ABC @ 9:01/8:01c
  • *New*18 Kids & Counting (#212-30) – TLC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Apprentice UK (#108) – BBC America @ 9/8c
  • *New*Chopped – Food Network @ 10/9c
  • *New*Cupid (#107) – ABC @ 10/9c (Only if no NBA Basketball!)
  • *New*Deadliest Catch (#510) – Discovery Channel @ 9/8c & 10/9c (1 New Episode & 1 Special)
  • *New*Hitched or Ditched (#102) – CW @ 9/8c
  • *New*I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here (#211-60) – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Mental (#MEN-104) – FOX @ 9/8c
  • *New*Paris Hilton’s My New BFF (#203-60) – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Rescue Me (#511) – FX @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Little Couple (#107) – TLC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (#404) – Oxygen @ 10/9c


Wednesday is the series finale of The Unusuals on ABC at 10/9c.

Tonight is also the season premiere of 2 shows: Gordon Ramsay’s F Word on BBC America and I Survived a Japanese Gameshow (SOOO funny) on ABC, both at 9/8c.

Finally, tonight is a 1-hour reunion special for The Real World/Road Rules Challenge on MTV at 10/9c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Series Finale*The Unusuals (#110) – ABC @ 10/9c
  • *Season Premiere*Gordon Ramsay’s F Word (#401) – BBC America @ 9/8c
  • *Season Premiere*I Survived a Japanese Game Show (#201) – ABC @ 9/8c
  • *Special*The Real World/Road Rules Challenge (#1711-60) – MTV @ 10/9c (1-Hour Reunion Special)
  • *New*Dog the Bounty Hunter (#136/603 & 137/604) – A&E @ 9/8c & 9:30/8:30c (2 New Episodes)
  • *New*I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here (#212-60) – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Mythbusters (#125/711) – Discovery Channel @ 9/8c
  • *New*Pitchmen (#110) – Discovery Channel @ 10/9c
  • *New*Reno 911 (#603) – Comedy Central @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*So You Think You Can Dance (#DAN-512/513) – FOX @ 8/7c (2-Hour New Episode)
  • *New*Tattoo Highway (#09/109) – A&E @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Ultimate Fighter (#912) – Spike TV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Time Warp (#211-60) – Discovery Channel @ 8/7c
  • *New*Top Chef Masters (#102) – Bravo @ 10/9c
  • *New*Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns (#207/208) – TBS @ 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c (2 New Episodes)
  • *New*Wipeout (#203) – ABC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Your Worst Animal Nightmares (#107/108) – Animal Planet @ 9/8c


Thursday has new episodes of 2 of my favorites shows right now: Burn Notice on USA at 9/8c and The Listener on NBC at 10/9c. Both have hot, sexy leading men and The Listener is growing on me more and more each episode!

Also tonight, blah blah, same old same old about basketball. lol

Also on tonight:

  • *Sports*Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night – ABC @ 8/7c
  • *Sports*NBA Countdown – ABC @ 8:31/7:31c
  • *Sports*NBA Finals, Game 7 – ABC @ 9:01/8:01c
  • *New*16 & Pregnant (#102-60) – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*American Chopper (#144/611) – TLC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Burn Notice (#303) – USA @ 9/8c
  • *New*Crime 360 (#14/204) – A&E @ 10/9c
  • *New*I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here (#213-60) – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Royal Pains (#103) – USA @ 10/9c
  • *New*She’s Got the Look (#202) – TV Land @ 9/8c
  • *New*Snapped (#709) – Oxygen @ 10/9c
  • *New*So You Think You Can Dance (#DAN-512A/513A) – FOX @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Fashion Show (#107) – Bravo @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Listener (#104) – NBC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Tosh.0 (#103) – Comedy Central @ 10/9c


Friday is a new ep of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on BBC America at 8/7c. Tonight’s guests include Ben Stiller, Ewan McGregor, Enimem and Charlotte Uhlenbroek.

Surprise! The Chopping Block is back to air its unaired episodes starting tonight on NBC at 8/7c. Happy happy joy joy… lol

Finally, tonight is the season (possibly series?) finale of Don’t Forget the Lyrics! on FOX at 8/7c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*Don’t Forget the Lyrics! (#LYR-213) – FOX @ 8/7c
  • *New*Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (#1615) – BBC America @ 8/7c
  • *New*Patton 360 (#109) – History Channel @ 9/8c
  • *New*Real Time with Bill Maher (#717) – HBO @ 10/9c
  • *New*Say Yes To the Dress (#313) – TLC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Surviving Suburbia (#1??) – ABC @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Chopping Block (#104) – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Goode Family (#1??) – ABC @ 8:30/7:30c
  • *New*The Soup – E! @ 10/9c
  • *New*Whale Wars (#203) – Animal Planet @ 9/8c
  • *New*What Not To Wear (#704) – TLC @ 9/8c


Saturday is packed full of new stuff! First up is the season finale of Beverly Hills Groomer on Animal Planet at 10/9c. Also tonight is the 3-hour season finale on a special night & time of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV at 9/8c. On the other end of the spectrum is the 2-hour season premiere of Can You Duet? on CMT at 8/7c.

Finally, there are a couple of shows airing new episodes tonight that are already cancelled and they are just airing the unaired episodes. First up is the return of Eli Stone on ABC at 10/9c. Also tonight is a new ep of Kings on NBC at 8/7c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*Beverly Hills Groomer (#111/112) – Animal Planet @ 10/9c
  • *Season Finale*The Ultimate Fighter (#913) – Spike TV @ 9/8c (3-Hour Season Finale)
  • *Season Premiere*Can You Duet? (#201-120) – CMT @ 8/7c (2-Hour Season Premiere)
  • *New*Eli Stone (#210) – ABC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Groomer Has It (#211) – Animal Planet @ 9/8c
  • *New*Harper’s Island (#110) – CBS @ 9/8c
  • *New*Kings (#108) – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Primeval (#306) – BBC America @ 9/8c

That’s it! Hope you all have a great week!

— Jenny

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  2. tedder says:

    there’s definitely basketball today (sunday). The other days are up in the air.

  3. Jenny says:

    Thanks. :D. Keep me updated about it, would you please? 😉

  4. Andrew says:

    Hoops are (finally) over so no more basketball this week! Bring on the alternate programming!

  5. Jenny says:

    Woohoo! Thanks, fixed the schedules for Tuesday & Thursday. That means a new Cupid ep on Tuesday. 😀