The Voice Live Show #1 Review – 6/7/11

The live shows for The Voice started tonight (well, last night 😉 ) on NBC, and what a show it was. The opening number had the coaches taking to the stage with a Queen medley, which was intense. I have to say, though, that Christina looked like a hooker. Her boobs were about to pop right out during the performance. It wasn’t appealing at all. (Then again, I’m not a boy. 😉 )

Last night, it was Team Christina versus Team Blake, and there will be a judge’s save and a save by the public. It’s great that The Voice is so digital friendly, the performers are actually tweeting during the broadcasts. Great job at staying relevant! (Although I could do without the perky blonde chatting about the tweeting all the time. 🙂 )

Now let’s take a look at the performances. I’ll run them down much like I do for American Idol, but I’ll include which team they’re on, so you don’t get confused. 🙂 Jump ahead to check out my review.

Raquelle Castro
Team Christina
My Thoughts: The wardrobe is a little mature for someone of her age, but that’s just my “mom” opinion. She looks like Christina is trying to mold her into a mini-Christina. As far as the all important vocals go, she was really good. The girl has a really powerful voice. The overall performance was decent, but it didn’t completely amaze me.
The Coaches: Cee-Lo loved it. Adam thinks she’s amazing, because she was dancing and singing at the same time, and he can’t. Blake thinks she was awesome. Christina was super excited and thought she really brought it.

Jared Blake
Team Blake
Use Somebody
My Thoughts: I find it hard to watch him perform, sometimes, because of the faces he makes while singing. Weird faces aside, I love the edgy quality of his voice, and this song was an excellent choice. It wasn’t as strong of a vocal performance as it could have been, but I enjoyed it.
The Coaches: Christina thought he had great stage presence. Cee-Lo thinks he deserves to be there. Adam thinks it was the perfect song for him to do. Blake thinks he was great.

Beverly McClellan
Team Christina
I’m the Only One
My thoughts: She was a little less scary for me tonight. 😀 I don’t know why, but some of her other performances scared me a bit. 🙂 She does have a wicked voice, and I loved her kilt. What a power house she is, and such a character on stage. She really did this song justice. I was quite impressed. The tone when she hits the high notes is wonderful.
The Coaches: Cee-Lo thinks she’s a natural, and he loves her. Adam is sad that she isn’t on his team, and that she’s amazing. Blake is blown away by her. Christina thinks Beverly is awesome.

Dia Frampton
Team Blake
My Thoughts: She’s really adorable, and I hope she can overcome her stage fright. I really enjoyed the piano playing, and she has such a unique voice. The arrangement of the song was fantastic, so original. Dia is a true artist.
The Coaches: Christina loved how she seemed like a fighter tonight. Cee Lo thinks it was a great arrangement of the song. Adam really loved how refreshing the song was. Blake thinks it was his favorite moment on The Voice, because she was so amazing and original.

Team Blake
Price Tag
My Thoughts:I appreciate how cute she looks without showing off her whole body. She looked really nervous, but I’m impressed at how she’s trying so hard to overcome that. Her voice has a beautiful tone to it, and I think she really pulled it off. When Xenia gets comfortable on stage and matures a bit, she’s going to be unstoppable.
The Coaches: Christina thinks she’s one of her favorites. Cee Lo really enjoyed it. Adam loved seeing her have fun, and it was nice to watch. Blake is so proud of her, and he thinks America is watching a star being born.

Lily Elise
Team Christina
Big Girls Don’t Cry
My Thoughts: I love this song, so this is a hard one for me to judge, because Fergie does it SO perfectly. Let’s put aside the fact that she looks like she’s wearing a disco ball. Her voice is nice, but it just didn’t make me want to vote for her. It could be the fact that I find her annoying. I’m not sure why, but something about her just puts me off.
The Coaches: Cee Lo really enjoyed it. Adam liked the performance more without the dancers. Blake was surprised again by her voice, but he didn’t like the dancers. Christina thinks she did a good job showing emotion.

Patrick Thomas
Team Blake
I Hope You Dance
My Thoughts: I think it’s really sweet that he dedicated it to his sister. His voice has a beautiful velvet touch to it. There was a moment where the music seemed off for the lyrics, but it all got worked out. He really is a professional already.
The Coaches: Christina made an awkward comment about wanting his pants off. (I mean really, could be she be any more trashy sometimes?) Cee Lo thinks it was an excellent performance. Adam thinks he was great. Blake thinks Patrick makes him look smart.

Frenchie Davis
Team Christina
When Love Takes Over
My Thoughts:No doubt the girl can sing, but I find her overall demeanour off-putting. She’s really talented, but I just can’t get on her bandwagon.
The Coaches: Cee Lo thinks she’s great. Adam thinks there’s something beautiful about her. Blake thinks she’s a powerful singer, and gets the crowd going. Christina is so proud of her and loves her stage presence.

Overall, it was a great night. I give the win to Team Blake, because I enjoy all of his singers a lot. I also find Christina incredibly annoying and wish that she would put some more clothes on, because it offends my eyes to have her chest popping out every show. 😉

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite by going to for details. Then tune in next Tuesday night to see which 2 people from each team are going home, and of course watch the battle between Cee Lo and Adam’s teams.

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