If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/14/11

Tonight is a fantastic night in television, with some new episodes of some great shows, as well as a few season premieres that we’re very excited about. There’s so much great TV on, Megan and I are both recommending mutliple shows. I was going to do four and include the 2nd of Megan’s picks, but she offered to do it so I only had to do 3 myself. 😉 But I plan to watch both of her offerings, as well, so definitely watch them, too!

Jenny’s Choice #1

My first pick tonight is the new episode of Covert Affairs. I love this show. It’s got the USA feel to it, while giving me hints of Alias. I love the cast (I mean, really, I can’t say enough great things about Piper Perabo and Chris Gorham!), and the storylines are almost always just really fun. This season, they get to travel a lot, too, although not the entire cast. 😉 For example, tonight’s episode took Piper to Paris, leaving the rest of the cast at home. But it’s cool that when they do show her in Paris, she is actually there, not just on a sound stage made to LOOK like Paris.

On tonight’s episode, Annie travels to … Paris, intent on turning a secretary at the Syrian embassy into an asset, but her efforts are complicated by the fact that there is a Mossad agent (Ziva?!) also on the woman’s tail, who has the intention of doing the same. Oded Fehr returns as Eyal Lavin.

Check it out tonight on the USA Network at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Covert Affairs @ Clicker.

Jump with us to see what else we recommend tonight.

Megan’s Choice #1

Last week’s episode of The Voice had Team Blake paired against Team Christina, and in my opinion, Team Blake won. Tonight, we’re going to see Team Adam take on Team Cee-Lo, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s anyone’s game. I do have a strong love for Jeff Jenkins and Javier Colon from Adam’s team, so I could be swayed in that direction. The thing I’ve been enjoying the most about The Voice is the level of the competitors, and also how quickly we move through eliminations. It doesn’t drag on forever.

Tonight, the live shows continue, and we’ll see who is being eliminated from Team Blake and Team Christina.

Tune in to NBC at 9/8c to watch the eliminations and the performances. You won’t be sorry. Learn where to find episodes online of The Voice @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

You’ve waited long enough, and now the waiting is completely over! All new episodes of Pretty Little Liars begin tonight, and you’re not going to want to miss any jaw dropping moment of it! Season one launched this hit show into stardom, and now, season two is only going to bring more twists, turns, drama, dilemmas, and sizzle that will leave you simply captivated and glued to your seat. Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna are back in your weekly line up, with all new secrets and cliffhangers that will have you begging for the next episode!

Tonight, with Ian’s body missing, the entire town of Rosewood questions what exactly did happen the night before at the church. Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer have a lot of explaining to do. With the police and their parents on their backs and unsure what to believe, the girls’ parents rally together to try and help the four Liars out, with assistance in the form of a therapist (guest star Annabeth Gish). Now that the Liars are forced to talk about their problems, Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna feel more alone than ever before. Even with the reassurance that everything that they discuss will be kept in confidence in the therapist’s office, can they really talk about “A” with her? Or is there really no place that is safe from “A’s” ever watchful eye? Meanwhile, Spencer is forbidden to see Toby, Aria cools things down with Ezra, and Caleb returns to town for a visit with Hanna.

Make sure you’re parked on your couch at 8/7c, tuned in to ABC Family for season two’s very juicy first episode! Learn where to find episodes online of Pretty Little Liars @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #2

Another of one of my favorite summer shows, HawthoRNe, starts season 3 tonight. If you are a newbie to this show, it centers around Christina Hawthorne, a very strong woman and nurse, who is extremely good at her job. Her husband died a few years before from cancer, leaving her a single mother of a teenage daughter. Her husband’s doctor and best friend, Tom, is one of Christina’s biggest supporters and good friends, and for the first season and a half, they had secret (and not-so-secret) feelings for one another. Tom waited until Christina was ready, and their relationship finally took a turn for the romantic after Tom was badly injured and his friend and fellow surgeon died, after a car crashed into the crowd outside the hospital. Last season of this show ended with a huge surprise. Christina was pregnant! It’ll be interesting to see where the show take things. The best part about the show, in my opinion? Michael Vartan (my beloved Michael Vaughn from Alias) stars as hottie doc, Tom. Jada Pinkett Smith is brilliant in the part of the show’s namesake, Christina Hawthorne.

It’s obvious from tonight’s episode title, “For Better or Worse,” the photo on the right, and the fact that Christina is pregnant, Tom proposed to Christina and she said yes. But as you know, on television, just because there is a wedding, it doesn’t mean there is actually going to be a marriage! On tonight’s season premiere, Christina and Tom’s wedding arrives, but a series of events cause an interesting twist to the day’s events. Detective Nick Renata (new cast member Marc Anthony) returns to investigate an attack at the hospital. And Candy goes into labor. Derek Luke guest-stars as Tom’s new protégé, Miles. There is a MAJOR tissue warning for tonight’s episode, so be prepared!

Don’t miss the chance to see whether or not Christina and Tom tie the knot tonight on TNT at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of HawthoRNe @ Clicker.

Megan’s Choice #2

Memphis Beat centers on Dwight Hendricks (Jason Lee, My Name is Earl), a quirky Memphis police detective with an intimate connection to the city, a passion for blues music, and a close relationship with his mother. He is “the keeper of Memphis,” a Southern gentleman who is protective of his fellow citizens, reverential of the city’s history, and deeply rooted in its blues music scene. This show has humour, great stories, and most of all, the heart behind the show is amazing.

On tonight’s season premiere, the squad attempts to solve the mysterious murder of an officer who was widely respected, and possibly a part of a white supremacist group. Whitehead gets ready to take the lieutenant’s exam, and Dwight meets someone from internal affairs. Beau Garrett (Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior) guest stars.

Tune in tonight at 9/8c on TNT to see how Dwight tackles this new season. Learn where to find episodes online of Memphis Beat @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #3

Like I said, it’s a busy night! My third recommendation is the series premiere of The Nine Lives of Chloe King on ABC Family. I don’t normally watch stuff on this channel, aside from Melissa and Joey, (honestly? I couldn’t get into Pretty Little Liars, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, or Make It or Break It, so I didn’t even try Switched at Birth…), but this show looks pretty interesting, and different than everything else on there.

This new one-hour scripted action drama follows Chloe King, who is looking forward to celebrating her 16th birthday with her friends and single mother – just like every other year… that is until she starts developing heightened abilities and discovers she’s being pursued by a mysterious figure. Chloe soon learns she’s part of an ancient race called the Mai, which has been hunted by human assassins for millennia – and that she may ultimately be their only hope for survival. The series will star Skyler Samuels (The Gates) as Chloe King; Amy Pietz (The Office, Caroline in the City) as Meredith King; Grey Damon (True Blood, Friday Night Lights) as Brian; newcomer Grace Phipps as Amy; Benjamin Stone (10 Things I Hate About You) as Alek; Alyssa Diaz (Southland) as Jasmine; and Ki Hong Lee (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) as Paul.

On tonight’s series premiere, Chloe King has an abundance of first exeriences on her 16th birthday, including her first death. Chloe discovers that she is part of an ancient race, and someone is hunting her down. Chloe starts to develop heightened abilities.

The show looks very cool, very interesting, and VERY different. Don’t miss it tonight on ABC Family at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Nine Lives of Chloe King @ Clicker.

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