The Glades “Moonlighting” Review – 6/26/11

Last night was a new episode of one of my favorite shows, The Glades. There were some great moments in the episode titled “Moonlighting,” and some okay moments, but overall, I enjoyed it. This is my review (sort of a recap, as well, but only of the parts I enjoyed most. 😉 ), but please, leave me a comment and let me know what YOU thought of the episode!

Quick recap: The episode started off with a policeman sitting in a police car on the side of a highway, reading a newspaper with one hand and holding a radar gun with the other. A brightly painted Camaro races by him, and we watch the numbers on the radar gun climb higher and higher, until he tosses it down and speeds off after the car. A few miles ahead, other police stand at the ready with automatic weapons and a spike strip spread out across the road. The car screeches to a stop, executing a spin like a well experienced driver can. A policeman screams at the driver to show his hands and get out of the vehicle, and much to their surprise (although not mine, since I’d read the episode description beforehand and had seen the previews), a cute little young girl emerged. They quickly pull her away, sure there is still a driver in there somewhere, but she says she was the driver. As she is moved away by one officer, another opens the trunk, only to find a dead man, who we find out later is NASCAR mechanic, Cole Hunter.

Skip ahead a bit from the case to the personal: Just after Jim gets a call from his boss about the crime scene, he takes another call. This time, it’s Callie’s son, Jeff, saying someone beat up his dad. Of course, Jim rushes there first. After all, as he told his boss later, the dead guy was still there and dead, right?

My thoughts on the case and the personal after the jump.

The case:

The driver of the vehicle at the beginning of the episode, Shaz Turner, played by Cameron Protzman (who guest starred on the ep of Criminal Minds where MGG directed – the kidnappers who were then disposing of the bodies of the children in the crematorium). She was adorable. Kind of mouthy, smart, obviously a fantastic driver. You could tell she was a good kid overall. She just had been left to her own devices way too much and had no good parental supervision. She was sorely in need of some good parenting and role models, because with a mother gone and a father who spent most of his time away for work, the sister was not doing that great a job.

I loved all the scenes with Shaz, including the last one, where Jim gave her a copy of the consent form her father signed to allow her to train for racing, and a copy of the dashboard video of her police chase. She was so thrilled and totally adorable.

Sharon Lawrence is always brilliant, and this role as the head of the company/mother of the driver/killer was no exception.

Jim figured out the suckers were to help with nausea caused by pregnancy, and riles up the suspects by announcing Shaz’s sister’s pregnancy in front of a crowd of people—including her boyfriend, who was one of two possible fathers, her own father, and her boyfriend’s mother, played by the aforementioned Sharon Lawrence. The ensuing brawl was fun to watch, as was Jim walking away with a smirky grin in place.

Unfortunately for me, those are really the only three good parts about the case for me. It wasn’t bad, really. Just…kind of boring. Not very memorable. In this episode, the case was totally overshadowed by the personal.

The personal:

Jeff calling Jim when Ray was attacked. How much do I love that? He knows Jim’s a cop, but really, he could have called 9-1-1. Instead, he chose to call Jim, who has been there for him and his mother for the last year.

The first meeting (even though there were no real introductions, Ray clearly knew who Jim was…) between the two men in Callie’s & Jeff’s lives? Awkward and tension-filled, was it not? Jim tried to be calm and non-judgemental, until Jeff being out on the call with Ray came into play. Then he couldn’t hold in his … clear disapproval. I had no problems with Ray taking Jeff out on a call with him, aside from two things. One… Was it night when the call happened? It was night when Jim got there, but it was day when the police chase happened, so… If it was at night when Ray went out on the call, then yeah, not so much. Also, it looked like it was kind of out in the middle of nowhere. Probably not the safest call to take his kid on.

Poor Jeff felt responsible for not stopping the attack on his dad. There was absolutely nothing he could have done to stop it, and if he had, he probably would have ended up hurt—or worse—himself. Ray was quick to assure him he’d done exactly right by staying in the truck and he was not responsible. I like seeing the Ray/Jeff moments. It’s good for Jeff to spend time with his dad, especially if Ray has indeed cleaned up his act.

After Ray is taken by ambulance, Jim finally makes it to the original crime scene: the Camaro. They do some case related talk—finding a lollipop wrapper, a diamond necklace, and receipts for a big cash withdrawel, as well as a tattoo on the dead guy’s arm—and then Jim got a text message and said he had to make a pit stop before going to the station to interview his witness, much to his boss’ unhappiness.

When Jim got to the hospital to talk to Callie, she asks if she should be worried. He told her it depended on how much she trusted Ray, and Callie said she did trust him, because he was trying to do the right thing. She heads back into the curtained off area where Ray and Jeff are, and Jim gave the “happy family” one last look before leaving. I feel bad for Jim, because he obviously has a worry about Callie wanting to stay with Ray, especially because of Jeff.
After some more case related stuff, we go back to the hospital to Ray and Callie, where he assures her again that he didn’t know the attackers and swears it is just a classic scam of helpless woman calling for a tow and then her buddies beat him up and robs him. She says he wasn’t robbed, though, and he says it’s just because he didn’t have any cash on him. Callie believes him, but once she leaves the room, his face changes, and it’s obvious he knows something he’s not telling.

Some more “meh” case stuff, and then it’s back to the hospital, where Callie finishes up her shift and finds Jeff there with two U.S. Marshals. Jeff is scared, and Callie is obvioiusly worried and full of questions, and the two men tell her she and Jeff need to go with them. Eek! Of course, I had to laugh, because in my head, it should have been Mary and Marshall picking them up! (an In Plain Sight reference, in case you aren’t a fan of that show. lol)

Back at the FDLE office, Jim is going crazy with worry as he confronts his boss, asking about Callie and Jeff. He tells her he’s been calling their house all day, and the nurse at the hospital told him they left with two men in dark suits. She finally tells him they are fine and the FBI is handling everything, reminding him that he is not part of their family. My heart broke for Jim during this scene. He was absolutely frantic, wearing his heart on his sleeve, and when Manus said that about not being a part of their family, you could almost visibly see him recoil.

Lots more case related stuff, and then back to Callie, in a motel room with Ray, who is wearing a suit and looking kind of uncomfortable. She asks Ray who he gave up. He tells her it’s nobody she knows and goes on to explain that Witness Protection is the best solution for the three of them and can give them a clean slate and a fresh start to be a family again. She responds with she already had a clean slate (and my shipper heart squee’d), but that she’s happy he has been around for Jeff. Ray tells her he wants them all to be a family again and that he would die for her and Jeff.

The next scene with Callie and Jeff, they are asleep in the motel when Ray comes back in and tells them that everything is okay and they are all safe. He says they could go home, since the FBI rounded up everyone involved. He needs to stay a bit to tie up some loose ends, but he’ll meet them at home. After Callie and Jeff leave, a marshal comes into the room to talk to him alone. At that point, I was kind of worried maybe the marshal was dirty and was going to kill him, but apparently not, which, I guess is a good thing, cause that would devestate Jeff especially, and even Callie, because she does still love him. heh

Cut to the station, where Manus tells Jim that Callie and her family got permission to return home. He looked relieved, but you just knew he was asking himself, “Okay, so what now?”

Back at home, Callie and Jeff start to relax, glad to be home. A knock on the door excites Jeff, who rushes to answer it, thinking it’s his dad. Callie freaks out, until she sees it’s a marshal. The man hands her an envelope and leaves. She opened it and began to read, and you can see the moment it hit both her and Jeff what had happened. Jeff’s sadness was heartbreaking. After this scene, it became much more obvious to me that Ray’s speech and all the talk about fresh starts and clean slates ended with what was basically a goodbye on his part.

Later that night, Callie calls Jim and tell him that she and Jeff didn’t go into Witness Protection, but that Ray did. You know Jim was ecstatic about the news, but I was also glad to see that he didn’t just start jumping up and down. He knew how hard that had to be on both Callie and Jeff.

I like how this storyline played out. Ray is still alive, but he’s gone. He did the right thing by agreeing to testify, which is great for Jeff, because it lets him know his dad is a good guy, even though it means he had to leave. Hopefully Jeff won’t blame his mom for them not going with Ray.

This also means that Callie and Jim are free to be together. Will Callie go through with a divorce now? I don’t know. I mean, I’m assuming so… It also leaves open the possiblity for Ray’s return later on down the road, which can be a good thing for Jeff and for some tension in the Callie/Jim relationship. That’s never a BAD thing, because it can’t always be sunshine and roses, right?

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode, but mainly for the personal side of things. The case was pretty forgettable to me, aside from Sharon Lawrence, who is fantastic, and little Cameron Protzman as Shaz Turner. I read a review on, and Eric, the reviewer, had pretty much the opposite review of the episode that I had. Maybe it’s simply a case of Mars vs Venus (as in: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus…). Regardless, male or female, last night’s episode should have given you at least SOMETHING to enjoy, be it NASCAR or love. 😉 Whatever you liked or didn’t like, “Moonlighting” was a game changer, in my opinion, because it sets up the rest of the season for Jim, Callie, and Jeff.

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