Comic-Con 2011: Covert Affairs, NCIS: LA, True Blood, Torchwood: Miracle Day

Megan was able to email me some great pictures and info from Comic-Con while she is still in San Diego. Check them out!

Chris Gorham discussed with us how there really isn’t anyone else doing a job like Auggie’s with the same disability and how that’s inspiring.

Jump with us to see more great pictures!

Piper Perebo really enjoys filming on locations, especially when she gets to enjoy all the ethnic food.


Peter Gallagher discussing how he was excited to work with Doug Liman again.


LL Cool J was not only incredibly attractive, but also hilarious. His personality shined through the whole panel.


Creator Shane Brennan discussed next season’s story arcs, and gave away a spoiler about the first episode. We’ll post more about it later. ๐Ÿ™‚


Barrett Foa was adorable as always, but slightly tongue tied. Don’t worry we’d be happy to help you untie it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Alexander Skarsgard looking fine as usual. Yummy!


Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer discussing how they got their roles original.


John Barrowman was really the star of the Torchwood: Miracle Day panel. He was on fire with his humour, as well as his love of his character and fans.


John Barrowman describing how he hid in Eve’s shower for 45 minutes to scare her, and when he did scare her she peed herself. Eve, “I didn’t pee myself. Well maybe I peed a little.” Mekhi Phfier was constantly amused by his co-worker’s antics. Great cast!

Check back over the next week to see more pics & info from Megan when she gets back from San Diego!

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