If We Controlled Your Remote… 3/7/14

It’s the beginning of March Break (spring break) for my kids, and I am trying to come up with fun things to keep them all busy—not an easy task. Maybe some of the new TV on tonight will help kick start my creative thinking. Never know… It could happen. Let’s see what we’re recommending.

Megan’s Choice

hawaiifiveo37smallI don’t know about Hawaii Five-0 kick-starting my creativity, but it definitely brings a smile to my face and amuses me. Last week, the body of a real estate agent was found in the walls of one of his listings, and that was a really creepy thought. Can you imagine if someone was buried behind your drywall? I know… Shivers! It turned out it was the jealous husband of the woman who was going to run away with the real estate agent and leave her husband. The husband, who was a lawyer, also buried his wife in the walls of that house too. On another note, McGarrett was busy protecting Grover from a prying journalist that wanted to expose the reasons behind why Grover left Chicago. Steve saved the day by getting the journalist to drop the story, but he now owns him a favor. Finally, we saw Danny’s mom come to town and announce she’s getting a divorce from his dad because she’s lonely. I could really feel the pain on both sides, but ultimately, I understand why she needs to move on and try to be happy. It was a great episode as usual, and as always, I’m looking forward to more.

On tonight’s episode, “Hoku Welowelo,” Five-0 investigates a triple homicide connected to a downed top-secret Chinese satellite, while Grover takes Danny’s mother on a ride-along.

To see how Danny feels about this ride-along, tune in to CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Grimm, Blue Bloods, Enlisted, Hannibal, and Say Yes to the Dress.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

lastmanstanding37smallI love Last Man Standing. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it hilarious. I love Tim Allen. 🙂 Last week, we learned that the Baxters’ little bitty dog got the Larabee’s big German Shepard, Lady, pregnant. Oh my. The visual on that one cracked me up. When Mike went over to make sure (from his family’s prompting) Chuck didn’t take Lady to get rid of the puppies, he learned from Carol that they were separated. Sad. 🙁 On a funnier note, Mandy hit a parked car, and Eve was a good person and left a note when Mandy wasn’t going to. Mandy ended up reaping the reward when the man—who owned a computer/electronics store—rewarded her for being honest by giving her an iPad. Of course, Mandy then screwed it up by being selfish, going and asking if she could trade it in for the better version…and the man got upset when she admitted that Eve had left the note, not her.

On tonight’s episode, “Eve’s Boyfriend,” Eve has a new boyfriend but refuses to talk about him. After Vanessa pressures her for some good ol’ girl talk, Eve concedes and opens up, much to Vanessa’s joy. But when Mandy and Kristin catch wind that Eve’s boyfriend is taking part in the same overnight Junior ROTC camping trip as Eve, their past mistakes prompt them to be concerned.

See if Mandy and Kristin talk to Eve about being safe tonight on ABC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Neighbors, Enlisted, Hawaii Five-0, Grimm, Blue Bloods, & Raising Hope.

Kyle’s Choice

grimm37smallLast week, Grimm finally returned after a leaving us with a big cliffhanger a month ago. Monroe’s parents weren’t too thrilled about Monroe’s decision to marry a Fuchsbau, but what really set them off was his friendship with a Grimm. However, his mother eventually seemed to warm to Rosalee, and his father had a bit of a change of heart when Nick helped protect his son from a Wesen attack. After the battle, Bart warned them that these creatures were just a harbinger of something much worse to come. Meanwhile, Adalind went into labor.

Could whatever is in Adalind’s womb be this creature of destruction that will “change the world”? What does this mean, and how will Nick and his Scooby gang stop it?

On tonight’s episode, “Mommy Dearest,” a monstrous predator goes after a couple who are friends with Wu, and Nick and Hank must figure out how to deal with a delicate situation after Wu witnesses something unexplainable. Meanwhile, Adalind is pursued by enemies as she prepares to give birth.

Find out how Wu reacts when he learns that his world isn’t as he thought tonight on NBC at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Neighbors, Hannibal, Enlisted, Raising Hope, Helix, and Banshee.

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