If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/24/14

I started my Christmas shopping this weekend, and after a few hours at the mall, I am definitely considering online shopping for everyone just to avoid the insanity of the stores. While I sip my cup of tea and watch TV to de-stress from the debacle that is shopping, let’s see what you should be watching tonight.

Megan’s Choice

sleepyhollow1124smallSleepy Hollow continues to be one of the few shows that can scare me and enthrall me week after week, and last week was no exception. We watched as Katrina cuddled the little baby who is really Moloch, and as she did, the little demon spawn caused her skin to turn black wherever she had been touched by him. She later realized what was happening and made a potion to feed to it, but when she came down to the kitchen, she found a young boy about 5 or 6 years old, rifling through the cupboards looking for food, and he turned to her and called her mother. Creepy. I really hope she can rid us of him quickly, because story lines involving children and possession scare me the most. Last week, we also watched as Abby and Jenny saw the ghost of their mother on a security tape while researching a couple of deaths at the asylum. They immediately thought she was the one trying to kill everyone, but we later learned that she was trying to protect them, much like she did for the girls when she was alive. When the girls and Hawley headed to the asylum to investigate again, we learned that it was a ghost of a nurse that was brainwashing people to commit suicide and that their mother didn’t kill herself by choice. She did it to protect them. In the end, it was a family journal that allowed them to learn how to get rid of the demon and gave them an even greater insight into their mother. Jenny performed a seance to get to talk to their mom one last time, and it really helped the girls come to terms with their childhood and realize all along their mother had been trying to protect them from the demons. I’m not sure where anyone is going to end up at the end of this season, but I am so incredibly hooked on this show. It’s become a definite must-see TV.

On tonight’s episode, “Magnum Opus,” Abbie and Ichabod are on a quest to find a weapon of ultimate power to kill Moloch–the Sword of Methuselah–before the Headless Horseman can stop them.

To see if they can get the weapon they need in time, tune in to FOX at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Gotham, 2 Broke Girls, NCIS: LA, The Voice, Scorpion, Castle, and State of Affairs.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice #1

ncisla1124smallI say this every time, but last week’s episode of NCIS: LA was great. On the case front, my favorite part had to be the “homeless” man getting teased/bullied by the young guys, but then he turned around and beat the crap out of them instead…before getting kidnapped by men much tougher than the teens he’d taken on first. Also, Callen’s struggle with the life of a “Gray Man” was interesting, as was his argument to Sam that he was more stable…normal…now, since he had a home and a girlfriend.

But honestly, the best part of the episode to me (as it is so many times) were Kensi & Deeks. Kensi finally admitted to Deeks that she’d been homeless for a while after her dad died. He tried to play it off as not knowing already, but she saw right through it—which led to one of the best lines of the night, about him being able to fool everyone else, but not her. And when he tried to get her to talk about it, she shut him down, only to bring it up later at…well, pretty much the worst possible time. She told him that she hadn’t wanted him to know because she only wanted him to see the best parts of her. Okay, all the Densi fans, on the count of three: *sigh* No, really, that whole scene was perfect and the episode made me fall more in love with Deeks and Densi.

Tonight, we should finally get a resolution (I hope…) to the “mole” story line. The previews look so exciting! Although, I swear if they make someone on the core team (Kensi, Deeks, Sam, Callen, Eric, Nell, Granger, and Hetty) the mole, I’ll flip my lid…

On tonight’s episode, “Traitor,” after Granger is poisoned by the mole and Eric is one of the seven suspects, Hetty orders a lockdown while everyone is investigated.

See if the mole is finally discovered tonight on CBS at 10/9c.

Kyle’s Choice

majorcrimes1124smallTonight, Major Crimes returns from its summer hiatus for the second half of the third season. Before the break, Rusty’s mother reappeared, and it seemed like she wanted to reconnect with her son. However, her true colors soon shined through as she made some despicable remarks to her son and even suggested that he could return to his old tricks (so to speak) to make some money. Sharon was extremely upset about this and informed Mrs. Beck that for the plea bargain, she would need to serve one year in jail and that she would have to remain sober or else she would serve her full 6-year sentence plus an additional 6 years. She added that she would personally ensure that there were random drug checks to make sure she remains sober.

I continue to enjoy this series, and think they’ve found a nice home/work balance in the story-telling. I look forward to seeing the cases the team comes across over the next few weeks, as well as any developments in the personal lives of these detectives.

On tonight’s episode, “Down the Drain,” one person is left dead when a surrogate adoption turns complicated. Meanwhile, the division investigates the city’s underground water system, and Sharon sharpens focus on making Rusty an official part of her family.

Find out what happens during the adoption and what the team finds in the underground water system tonight on TNT at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Castle, State of Affairs, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, Jane the Virgin, and Mike Tyson Mysteries.

Jenny’s Choice #2

castle1124smallMy second pick tonight is Castle because I’ve been excited for this episode since I read something about how good Jon Huertas is in it. Last week’s honeymoon episode was really good too. There was the typical Castle humor, some romance, and a great case. I loved how, by the end of the episode, Kate had come around to the idea of spending her honeymoon there. The funniest parts were when she came out dressed in the tight, all-black cowgirl outfit and Castle forgot how to breathe, let alone speak, and then when they were about to get…amorous out in the middle of nowhere and she had to shoot at a snake down by Castle’s feet. Both scenes were priceless.

On tonight’s episode, “Kill Switch,” when subway passengers, including Detective Esposito, are taken hostage by a mysterious gunman, Castle, Beckett and the team must uncover the gunman’s agenda before it’s too late.

To see the team and Espo save him and the other passengers, tune in to ABC at 10:01/9:01c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing 2 Broke Girls, Dancing with the Stars, Major Crimes, Scorpion, & Mystery Diners.

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