If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/15/16

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

bettercallsaul215smallTonight, the second season of Better Call Saul kicks off on AMC. When we left off, Jimmy was at a crossroads. He had tried to find himself a legitimate law career and break away from his previous indiscretions and the con-man ways of the past. He had organized the Sandpiper class-action case and brought it to his brother Chuck’s firm, HHM. However, he was crushed to discover that Chuck was the one who had been blocking him from becoming a partner at HHM – he still didn’t believe that Jimmy could change, despite much evidence to the contrary. Kim told Jimmy that the case was too big for HHM to handle alone, that another firm was being brought in to help, and that this firm was interested in hiring Jimmy in a partner-track position. However, Jimmy had already started to wonder why he even bothered to play by the rules if no one was going to trust him anyway. He could have taken the bribe offered by the Kettlemans and no one would have been the wiser, but he let his morals stop him. And in a conversation with Mike, Jimmy stated that he wasn’t going to let that happen again. Why not just game the system like people seemed to expect him to?!

So will Jimmy accept the position with this other firm, or is he ready to go full “Saul Goodman” right now? How is Jimmy’s relationship with Chuck going to change now that he knows his brother betrayed him? And how is that going to affect his work if he does continue working the Sandpiper case? Is there some hope of a romance between Kim and Jimmy? And what questionable activities will Jimmy and Mike get up to this season?

On tonight’s episode, “Switch,” Jimmy and Kim’s relationship takes a new turn. Meanwhile, Mike decides it’s for the best to sever his affiliation with an unrestrained associate.

Following tonight’s premiere will be a Chris Hardwick-hosted after-show, Talking Saul, similar to Talking Dead. However, it doesn’t appear that this after-show will happen every week.

Don’t miss the season premiere on AMC at 10/9c, followed by the after-show at 11/10c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Castle, Superstore, Telenovela, The X-Files, Lucifer, Major Crimes, and The Magicians.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

majorcrimes215smallOn the fall finale of Major Crimes, a young guy was filming himself killing people. He turned out to be shooting and killing the people involved in turning him down at film school. His final act was going to be killing his brother, who abandoned him, but the brother played along and ended up escaping when the killer got out to get gas as the gas station. Then he decided he’d kill his brother’s girlfriend (wife? I don’t remember now, since it’s been two months) instead, but Major Crimes figured it out and got her out of the house, trapping him alone. He doused himself in gasoline, and just as he was setting himself on fire, they tackled him into the pool. It was kind of awesome. On a side note, Slider has been convicted and sentenced, and Rusty and Gus, Marianna’s brother, have decided to date, since Gus is moving to LA.

Tonight starts a 5-episode arc to finish out the season. It’s been renewed for a fifth season, but it’s only 13 episodes, so it may be the final one. Maybe not, if the ratings are good enough? I don’t know. I hope not. I love this show!

On tonight’s episode, “Hindsight – Part 1,” a young woman and her 3-year-old son are shot to death while driving through gang territory in the wrong colored car, and the gun used in the murder is quickly connected to the most troubling series of unsolved homicides in LAPD history. As Captain Raydor and the rest of her division attempt to solve the mystery, Sykes begins an uneasy alliance with a disgraced former LAPD detective with a novel theory and a corrupt past.

See how the team investigates the murders tonight on TNT at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Kids Baking Championship, Superstore, Cake Wars, Ellen’s Design Challenge, Lucifer, & Castle.

Megan’s Choice

lucifer215smallI had the weekend from H-E-L-L, from my car not starting to my son breaking his clavicle. It was a horrible time for sure…which may be fitting, seeing as my choice for tonight is Lucifer. Thankfully, while the lead character is indeed somewhat diabolical, he is also quickly starting to become a necessary part of case work for Chloe, despite her displeasure at this fact.

Last week Lucifer was smack dab in the middle of an investigation involving a professional athlete who is a friend of his, and while all the evidence pointed toward him, it was in fact the agent who did it. Along the way, Lucifer realized that there was no getting around the fact that he was amazed by Chloe and simply can’t figure out what to do about it. Personally, I hope she continues to perplex him, because Lucifer with a soul is amusing and sexy, (although let’s face it, everything Lucifer does is sexy).

On tonight’s episode, “Manly Whatnots,” in an effort to get over his infatuation with Chloe, Lucifer decides that he must seduce her. Meanwhile, the two team up on a missing-girl case, and Amenadiel confronts Maze about his concerns about Lucifer.

To see if Lucifer can indeed seduce the seemingly uninterested Chloe, tune in to FOX at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching The X-Files, The Magicians, Ellen’s Design Challenge, Kids Baking Championship, Better Call Saul, and Bitten.

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