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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/17/11

Thank goodness it’s Friday! Seriously, it’s been kind of a long week, and there hasn’t been a ton of new TV on to take away the dullness of the week. lol (But that does mean we were able to catch the last 2 episodes of Breakout Kings and the next to last episode of Chuck we had on the DVR. *laugh* This weekend, we’ll watch the season finales of Chuck, Body of Proof, and the final 2 episodes of Breaking In. For tonight, though, there are a few new episodes worth mentioning, so read on to see what Megan, Lisa, and I recommend!

Jenny’s Choice

Flashpoint has been strong this season. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every episode, and tonight looks to be no different. For one thing, Spy Daddy is back! Victor Garber (Alias) guest stars on tonight’s ep, which makes me very, very happy, although I’m not going to be fond of his character. AT. ALL. Still… It’s Spy Daddy!

On tonight’s episode, an outsider is brought in to perform some psychological testing on Team One, which causes them to turn on each other, fearing that someone will be let go. On the way to the hospital to witness the birth of his child, something happens that might prevent Ed from seeing the delivery.

Don’t miss what is sure to be an explosive new episode on CBS at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Flashpoint @ Clicker.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/24/10

Welcome to Thanksgiving week Wednesday (aka Friday)! This is Jose from DaemonsTV.com, and it has been a blast being a part of “If We Controlled Your Remote…” this week. Before you head out to the bar for some partying or to your final turkey feast destination, remember to set your DVRs so that you don’t miss any of your shows. From all of us, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Jose’s Choice

Thanksgiving is the one day a year we are encouraged to pig out and go back for seconds (or thirds, fourths… you get the picture). Therefore, my recommendation for Wednesday night involves tuning in and seeing how a professional does it. Man v. Food is a Travel Channel show that has host Adam Richman traveling to various locations across the US looking for the biggest eats around. Along the way, Adam takes on some of the most insane eating challenges – with interesting results along the way.

Tonight brings us a special edition of Man v. Food called The Carnivore Chronicles. These episodes focus on some of the best meat-centered meals Adam encountered in his travels, while showing some never before seen footage. In this episode, “Sacrilicious”, has Adam checking out hot dogs in Syracuse, barbeque in Detroit, and some awesome food in Chicago.

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