TV News – 8/2/10

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you all enjoy the fabulous episode of True Blood last night? I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen even once! Enough about my obsession with True Blood, let’s talk news.

Balthazar Getty will not be returning to Brothers & Sisters for the fifth season. Getty already had a reduced number of episodes last season, and I didn’t really miss him much, but in the grand scheme of the show, they are losing far too many people. Rob Lowe, and Emily VanCamp are both leaving as well. Getty’s absence will be explained in the season premiere, but VanCamp will return for a few episodes before she leaves for good. (As well all know Rob Lowe’s character died in the season four finale). I won’t really miss Tommy (Getty) but I will miss VanCamp. What about you?Source

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Ryan Murphy (One of the creators of Glee for those who have been living under a rock. 🙂 ), released some great details about season 2 of Glee at the Television Critics Association press tour. Jump over to Zap2It, and read all the details including some information on the Britney Spears episode, a half hour musical comedy for Kristin Chenoweth, and the Rocky Horror episode. If you don’t want to know too many details don’t click on the link, everyone else GO now!

Rebecca Creskoff (Hung) is going to be guest starring on an episode of Desperate Housewives as a possible “adversary of Susan’s”. Look for Creskoff to show up in an episode in October, and I’m excited. I loved Creskoff on Hung, and think she’ll give the Wisteria Lane hotties a run for their money.Source

Indria Varma (Bones,Torchwood) and Janet Montgomery (Entourage), are joining the cast of Human Target for the second season. Varma will play Ilsa Pucci, a wealthy woman who seeks the help of Chance (Mark Valley) and company when her husband is murdered. After they help her she offers to become the “benefactor and a silent owner in the protection agency” which would help them immensely.

Montgomery will be playing, Ames, a thief who can blend into any situation and who Winston (Chi McBride) knows from his days as a police officer. Winston offers her a job to help her turn her life around.

This is all exciting news because I think the show could use some new blood. I’m also just happy that FOX gave them another season, because I think that if given a bit of a chance the show could do really well. Source

That’s all for today, check back tomorrow for more news and reviews.

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