If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/4/10

It’s Hump Day! For me, (Jenny), it’s kind of a sucky thing that the week is about halfway over. My son is gone to visit my mom for the week, so it means I only have half a week left to him being gone. Good and bad. LOL Anyway, check out what we’re going to be watching tonight, then be sure and let us know what you plan to watch!

Jenny’s Choice

Everyone should know by now that I’m a huge fan of shows on TNT. Tonight is the season premiere of Dark Blue on TNT at 9/8c. Dylan McDermott (The Practice) is Carter Shaw, the leader of a crack undercover team of police officers whose relentless pursuit of LA’s worst criminals has cost him any semblance of a personal life; Omari Hardwick is Ty Curtis, a recently married cop who struggles to maintain his dual existence; Logan Marshall-Green is Dean Bendis, a shoot-from-the-hip officer whose activities make fellow team members question his loyalties; and Nicki Aycox is Jaimie Allen, a green patrol cop with a hidden past. Joining the cast this season is Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice). The team will be forced to take orders from her character, FBI Agent Alex Rice, and Alex is going to be a love interest for Carter. (I have to say, it’ll be good to see him get some. *laugh*)

To read more about tonight’s episode and see Megan’s recommendation, jump with us!

On tonight’s episode, Jaimie, Ty, and Dean witness Carter kill an undercover DEA officer, but Carter claims that the killing involved a third person that no one else remembers seeing; Melissa tries to convince Ty that he needs to quit the undercover unit to start a family. I watched about half of season one, and I wish I had watched it all. It’s On Demand right now, but ends tomorrow, and I just won’t have a chance to catch up. But I’m definitely going to record tonight’s premiere! The show is VERY dark. It has some definite weight to the storylines and just the overall feel of the show. If that’s your thing, this is one you should check out!

Megan’s Choice

I was going to suggest Dark Blue because it’s the season premiere but Jenny did that, and I don’t like to be a copy cat. 😉 It doesn’t really matter because truth be told I adore, So You Think You Can Dance, and I think you should too! 🙂 Tonight we have the top 4 dancers left and it’s becoming a tight race.

This week I hope it’s Adechike who goes home because I just don’t enjoy him at all. Next week it should be Robert eliminated, leaving a final two of Kent and Lauren, and Lauren should win it. I think that she’s the most talented dancer left, even though I love Kent, I feel that Lauren has grown more and deserves the win. It is possible that I’m rushing it a bit, and not even waiting to see how tonight’s competition plays out… okay, that’s what we’ll do! We’ll all watch SYTYCD tonight and meet back here tonight to discuss our views, Deal? Check out the all new episode on FOX starting at 8 pm.

As always you can follow us on Twitter. @TvIsMyPacifier for the site and @BaffledAddict for Megan! Looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback on your viewing schedule and what you think of So You Think You Can Dance.

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