TV News – 8/4/10

I’ve had a busy day, but mostly busy on the Mommy/wife front, not so much on the TV work side, which is fine because the rest of my week is packed. Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing Kim Raver (Grey’s Anatomy) about her new movie, Bond of Silence, on Lifetime. Then on Sunday I leave to go over to Vancouver, where I’ll be lucky enough to visit the sets of Psych and Facing Kate. Alright that’s enough rambling about me and my life, let’s look at what’s happening in the world of TV news.

In some FANTASTIC Glee news, Carol Burnett (The Carol Burnett Show) has been cast to play Sue Sylvester’s (Jane Lynch) Nazi-hunting mom. This is pure genius casting and I so excited I could seriously pee my pants! 😀 The episode is being kept really hush-hush but we do know that Sue’s dad will not be appearing and the episode will air around October/November. Okay Gleeks, how excited are you?!?! Source

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Some other Glee news is that Matthew Morrison is said to be shaving off his luxurious hair, for the show. Wait don’t panic… yet. There was also a casting note that went out looking for a double for Morrison that was willing to “shave their hair on camera”. I believe it’s probably to do with the Britney Spears episode, and her famous bald head. Jane Lynch herself joked to Kristin over at E!Online that Morrison would be a “baldy” at the Emmys. What do you have to say about it? Excited about the possibilities? Scared about the loss of the hair jokes? Sound off below. Source

Ausiello is back with his Ask Ausiello column this week, and there are some fabulous spoilers in there. Seriously, he’s like the king of spoilers. 😉 If you dare check out the details on shows such as House, Brothers & Sisters and much more. Warning Spoilers AHEAD

That’s all for tonight, look for my recap of So You Think You Can Dance to be up shortly.

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