So You Think You Can Dance Top 4 – 8/4/10

These Top 4 dancers have to lay everything on the table tonight if they’re going to make the finals. I’m looking forward to seeing them fight it out with their kicks, their turns and their awesome lifts. Tyce Diorio is on the panel of judges for the night which is great because I adore him. I seem to be in the minority judging by my twitter feed, but oh well I am still amused by Tyce!

Let’s take a look at what happened on tonight’s episode.

Kent, Lauren, Adechike and Robert
Top 4 group Broadway number choreographed by Tyce Diorio
My Thoughts: I think Lauren out shined all of the boys. She looked fabulous. That being said it was great to see the boys compete for her love. Kent’s flips really embody all that he is, energy and talent.
Judges: Tyce thinks that Kent really stands out. Adam loves them all. Nigel thinks they have to lay it all on the line.

Lauren and all-star Pasha
Tango choreographed by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo
My Thoughts: It was very hot! Lauren looked amazing and was so womanly. She has really grown over this season.
Judges: Nigel said it was really steamy and Pasha was so awesome that he wanted to dance with him. Tyce thought that Lauren was “commendable and excellent”. Mia thinks that Lauren just became a woman. Adam thinks that “every little thing she does is magic”.

Adechike and all-star Lauren
African Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheesman
My thoughts: Very energetic and cool to watch. I found it hard not to watch Lauren instead of Adechike. He wasn’t as energetic as Lauren.
Judges: Nigel wants him to loosen up a bit and wants his next routine to be better. Tyce loves Lauren, but wants Adechike to take it furthur. Mia didn’t care for it, she felt like there wasn’t enough celebration. Adam just wants him to bring it for his next number.

Robert with all-star Anya
Viennese Waltz choreographed by Jonathan Roberts
My Thoughts: Loved the music, Lost by Anouk. I still don’t feel any connection from Robert when I watch him, which is surprising because Anya can make anyone look fabulous. That being said he definitely held his own and the lifts were well done.
Judges: Nigel thinks that Robert has a very nice upper “carriage”, and gave him props for the great straight armed lift. Tyce thinks Robert becomes the style he’s given and did a great job. Mia thought it was romantic, but she wants Robert to relax a bit more. Adam thinks Robert was brilliant and that he owned the dance.

Kent and all-star Courtney
Disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez
My Thoughts: I love Kent, but he needs to stop smiling so much. I was impressed by his ability with the lifts, and I was surprised at how strong he appeared. Overall, I enjoyed it.
Judges: Nigel thinks it’s so hard not to be cheesy and was happy that Kent didn’t come off as cheesy. Tyce thought that Kent did a good job, but wants him to do more research into the dance style itself. Mia thought it was a “little rough”. Adam thought his performance was a little childish.

Lauren with all-star Ade
Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheesman
My Thoughts: She’s playing a sexy temptress who’s a black widow. Ade is so freaking sexy. *sigh* Lauren was fierce during this number, I am so impressed with her. She’s becoming my favorite by far. Lucky girl getting to kiss Ade! Ade looked a little star struck after the routine, well done Lauren! πŸ˜‰
Judges: Nigel thought it was fabulous and sexy. Tyce thought it was great but wanted her to be more “ferocious”. Mia loves her, and thinks she owned it. Adam said “I want to hire you.”.

Adechike with all-star Kathryn
Contemporary (I think πŸ˜‰ ) choreographed by Desmond Richards and Dwight Rohden
My Thoughts: Adechike looked very strong, and there was a good connection between the two dancers. He was so honoured to be choreographed by Desmond and Dwight.
Judges : Nigel thinks he did a great job across the season, but that he lost a bit of steam during that routine. Tyce thinks that he has a lot more to go for giving of himself, but he’s come a long way. Mia wanted more but thinks he has the potential of being a super hero dancer. Adam thinks he laid it all out there, and he’s proud.

Robert with all-star Dominic
Hip-Hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon
My Thoughts: First off, clowns are creepy. These clowns were incredibly creepy. Well done Robert and Dominic. So cool and innovative. I loved Robert for the first time since that Travis Wall routine weeks ago! Finally, he made me take notice.
Judges: Nigel loved it, and thinks Robert was brilliant. Tyce thought Robert really “showed up” to this routine. Mia loves the Hip Hop theatre concept. She thought it was perfect and Robert has had an amazing evening. Adam thinks Robert out danced Dominic. He thinks Robert was “sickness” .

Kent with all-star Neil
Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall
My Thoughts: It was a pretty intense routine, and I felt bad for Kent because Neil is like twice his size. The emotions that came across through the routine were painful and hard to swallow. I cannot believe the talent of these two dancers, and Travis for the choreography. I’m in awe.
Judges: Nigel said it was the number of the night. Tyce thought it was excellence by the choreographer, Kent and Neil. Mia was speechless, thought it was so real and uncomfortable, and such a true genius. Adam thinks Travis Wall is so brilliant. He thinks that if this was the finale Kent would have just won the show.

It was a full episode and I’m torn now between a final two with Lauren and Kent, and one with Lauren and Robert. I know shocking because I don’t really like Robert, but he was so great in the Hip Hop routine it made me want to see what else he can do. What am I saying… let’s just say that it should be Adechike going home tomorrow. We shall see what America decides tomorrow night at 9 pm on FOX.

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