If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/6/10

Tonight is another Syfy night for the two of us here at TV Is My Pacifier. Friday night has become a must-watch for both Jenny and Megan, as both of us love Haven, and one of Jenny’s favorite shows is Eureka. Tonight you get a bonus, in a recommendation of 3 shows, not just 2. So check it out, and be sure and let us know what you’re going to be watching!

Jump with us to see all the info on tonight’s choices!

Jenny’s 1st Choice

Tonight, I’m giving you a bonus. Tuesday was a new episode of Warehouse 13 on Syfy. It was the first of a 2-part cross-over episode with Eureka When doing this post on Tuesday, I completely spaced out and forgot that! Warehouse 13 is a damn cute, funny show, and one of my whole family’s favorites. The three of us love to sit down and watch it together. Luckily, for those that missed it Tuesday, Syfy is re-airing this week’s episode tonight at 8/7c, before the 2nd part of the crossover.

On that episode of Warehouse 13, a specialist (Fargo!) from a secret research facility called Global Dynamics arrives at the Warehouse to assist them in updating their computer systems, and Pete and Myka must work with him when an intelligent computer virus puts the facility on lockdown. Neil Grayston plays the adorable but geeky Douglas Fargo. I can’t wait to see him lord his brilliance over the Warehouse 13 gang.

Jenny’s 2nd Choice

On tonight’s episode, Eureka is visited by a female agent from Warehouse 13 (Claudia!), a government facility built to safely store a collection of top-secret artifacts and devices, and Carter must team up with her when random objects begin appearing around town. Claudia is played by Allison Scagliotti, and is brilliant as fiesty redhead, Claudia Donovan. She’ll be a great fit with the Eureka cast for this episode!

Megan’s Choice

I am going to go with Haven on Syfy at 10/9c. This show is quickly becoming a must see for me. The characters and story lines are always progressing, making it hard not to love.

On tonight’s episode, there are strange things happening in the town as usual. This time it’s an issue with the men of the town being fast forwarded in age. One minute they’re normal the next they’re old men. It even affects Duke (Eric Balfour). If you haven’t watched this awesome show yet you don’t know what you’re missing. Let me tell you, you’re missing TONS! Tune in to Syfy at 10/9c and fall in love with the show like I have.

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