Pysch Set Visit Part 1 8/11/10

The set visit to Psych and Facing Kate went great and I send a special thanks out to the people over at USA Network, the cast and publicity agencies involved for their time and generosity.
Unfortunately, there aren’t pictures that I can release yet until I get my transcripts and photos from the people in charge. As well as there isn’t a lot that I can tell you about the new show Facing Kate until we get the all clear, but what I can tell you I will. Jump with me to find out a few interesting details about my set visits to tide you over until I have the interview transcripts to hook you up with.

We started our journey on Monday off with the fabulous Psych and it was an experience I’ll never forget. Wow, those people are busy! Despite their hectic schedules they took the time to spend time with little old me (well 17 other digital journalists and myself… but who’s counting 😉 ).

They brought us right into the first filming location, and the talent in the room was awe inspiring. The regular all star cast of Dule Hill, James Roday, Tim Omundson, Maggie Lawson were joined by the infamous C. Thomas Howell, and Franka Potente.

If you don’t recognize the name of C. Thomas Howell, then you are clearly not a fan of E.T. , The Outsiders, Criminal Minds and Southland. Seeing him was like a creepy dream come true. To be honest the whole time all I could keep thinking was I can’t believe I’m sitting across the table from “The Reaper” who killed Agent Hotchner’s wife on Criminal Minds. An interesting fact that the amazing Howell let us in on was that the role of Lassiter came down to himself or Tim Omundson, and while Howell is fabulous I believe they made the right choice.

We got to watch an explosion, which although we were given fair warning as to what was about to happen almost made me pee in my pants. I’d have to say that the hardest part of being on set was the fact that the scenes were incredibly funny but we weren’t allowed to laugh and make noise because they were filming. A fact that in itself, had moments of crazy aggravation that was all made worth it just to watch the magic that was the Psych filming location.

One of my favorite parts of the first location was standing around chatting with Andy Berman who writes, produces and pretty much rocks on the set. I love Berman, he is a genius but even more so he is a down to earth guy who can joke and chat with the lowly “bloggers”.

I don’t know what the writers are drinking over at the Psych but whatever creativity juice their knocking back, I’d appreciate a sample. 🙂 The scenes we saw filmed were amusing and the comedic timing was perfect.

The filming was interesting, but the sets were incredibly hot. For example, Maggie Lawson and Tim Omundson came over to take photos with us, when I thought to myself, “Please don’t touch me, I think I’m sweating.” Embarrassing but true. I believe it was all the lights and the explosions, but whatever it was I sincerely feel for the actors walking around in complete suits.

Moving on from my obsession with the nasty heat. We were brought into an official looking boardroom upstairs, and I suddenly had the urge to start firing people, although with my luck I’d be the one fired. 😉

The great part was that the stars started to come to us. First Maggie Lawson, who was more beautiful in person if that’s even possible. She was unbelievably endearing, and answered all of our questions as clearly as she could. My favorite part was when she talked about Juliet’s friendship with Lassiter and how they’d earned the right for him to the be the one there for her at the end of season 4 for her breakdown. It was sweet, how fondly she speaks of working with Tim.

Cue Tim Omundson and Lucy (his dog). I can’t do it justice, but that dog was adorable and it was nice to see that the set is dog friendly. (FYI most of British Columbia is pet friendly). Tim was HI-LAR-I-OUS! It’s amazing that Lassiter is always relatively serious because Tim is a riot. I’ll admit that I’ve watched Luck of the Irish on Family channel a time or two, and I kept thinking about him being a leprechaun. To my great amusement someone else asked about it, and he pulled out his Seamus accent, which fulfilled my geek quota for giggles. LOVE HIM!

The best was how at ease he is doing the interviews and how he doesn’t hold back from the group of us throwing questions at him. He’s aging well and I must say that he is quite handsome.
Bring on Dule Hill! I want to squeal because as I look at him I remember his days on The West Wing and She’s All That. Okay, so deep down inside we all have our moments of geekiness, but Hill is adorable.

There is loads of rambling going on but oddly I couldn’t focus for notes because he amused me to no end. I promise a detailed transcript when I get the copy from USA. I will put it out there that he would like to guest star on either, True Blood, Modern Family or Glee. Could he have a broader span of taste?
He said he wouldn’t go on Glee unless he could tap dance with all his friends, and I think that a dance off between Hill and Harry Shum Jr. would be epic. Hello, Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, or Brad Falchuk, are you listening? EPIC!

On a “I can’t see that” note … True Blood? I want to see HIll’s dreams come true, but I don’t see him rocking the fangs, or the nudity on that show the way the current cast does. Alan Ball please feel free to prove me wrong.

I loved it all! There was very little I didn’t enjoy on the first location, but my day had just begun. We still had lunch, more interviews, and 2 more locations to check out. However, because I want you to keep coming back I’m going to end my story here for now. Come back tomorrow and hear more about my magical journey to the sets, and of course stay tuned for the interviews and pictures in the next little bit.

To be Continued …

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2 Responses to Pysch Set Visit Part 1 8/11/10

  1. Joanne says:

    Thank you so much for the Psych set report. I’m really looking forward to reading the next part (and hopefully seeing some photos). I’m really looking forward to the summer finale two part ending–since Episode 8 and 9 form a story arc. I don’t think that Psych has ever done that before on the show. I’ve loved the episodes so far (although, I’m hoping they will do a couple of the more dramatic episodes this Season as well as all the great comedy ones they’ve already done). I’m also hoping that you were able to talk to James Roday and Maggie Lawson as well as Tim and Dule. Thanks again and I hope you have the next part up soon.

  2. Megan says:

    I did get to talk to Maggie and James. Maggie’s part is in this post and James will be up in the next one. I’ll have pics and interview transcripts soon, just waiting for them to be released to me. Thanks for reading. I’ll have part 2 up hopefully by the end of the day. *Fingers crossed*