If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/12/10

Jenny’s Choice

I was way behind on Rookie Blue (before this last weekend, I’d only watched the first episode. LOL). I caught up, and just love it to bits. I am already an Andy/Sam shipper. I hate Blondie (Gail), Dov is kind of an overeager dork but is slowly redeeming himself, Traci is ok, and Chris is eh to me so far. We’ll have to see if he or Gail grows on me!

On tonight’s episode, Chris and Andy face a tough decision while investigating a vicious beating; Sam and Luke get competitive during a retraining exercise. Sam and Luke (love the actor, don’t like the character!) fight over Andy! (Ok, maybe not REALLY over her, but I do believe that’s what is behind it…). Don’t miss this brilliant drama on ABC at 9/8c!

Jump with us to check out Megan’s recommendation!

Megan’s Choice

While it’s obvious I am a huge fan of Rookie Blue which is also on tonight, I’m going to have to go with So You Think You Can Dance, because tonight is the finale. We’ll crown a winner!

Will it be Kent, Lauren or Robert? I’m not sure. It’s a tight race, but I’m leaning towards Kent, because the tweens love him. Cat promised us a special show with lots of surprises, so tune into to FOX at 8/7c and see what there is to be offered.

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