If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/15/10

It’s the beginning of a new week on TV, and Sundays are full of great shows to choose from. I always find it hard just to pick one show when there are so many worthy choices. That said, we will both do our best!

Megan’s Choice

I would usually suggest True Blood because it’s deliciously devious, however there is another show that owns a part of my heart as well. Tonight, I’m going to suggest you veer from your normal and watch the fabulous Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime at 9/8c. This show is a perfect balance of comedy and drama, making it a wonderful choice for a relaxing Sunday evening. I love how women are embraced and celebrated, and also how it’s okay to be different. Brooke Elliott who plays Jane, is always entertaining and simply mesmerizing to watch.

For more on my choice and to read Jenny’s suggestion jump ahead.

On tonight’s episode, there will be a special guest appearance by the talented Rosie O’Donnell who will reprise her role as Judge Madeline Summers. In the episode titled “Will & Grayson”, Jane attends an awards banquet where she is to be honored for her legal services working with the LAPD but everyone is shocked, especially Jane, when a woman accuses her of stealing her husband. Even Jane begins to question if old Jane may have been involved with a married man. Meanwhile Grayson takes on a case that involves Vanessa’s ex-fiancé.

I’m sure there’s an explanation for the situation with Jane, because she doesn’t strike me as the husband stealing kind… or does she? Tune into Lifetime tonight at 9/8c to find out. Then check back here later this week when I’ll have some inside information from an interview with Jackson Hurst who plays the very yummy, Grayson on the show.

Jenny’s Choice

I have no choice. The delightfully delish Matt Passmore (Jim Longworth) is simply pulling me in with his easy grin and cool, casually sexy demeaner. Therefore, my recommendation for you tonight is The Glades, on A&E at 10/9c. I love this show more and more every week!

On tonight’s episode, a head-trauma patient startles Callie when he says he saw a man, who looked exactly like him, kill a woman. Callie immediately calls her closest confidante in the FDLE, Jim Longworth, to report what her patient said. Longworth, already investigating the crime scene, heads to the hospital to question what seems like the only eye witness and possible suspect, who happens to have a very foggy memory. Other leads reveal interesting aspects about the victim’s life, and now Longworth must weed through her relationships to find the real killer.

Check out the adorable picture of Jim and Callie dancing on tonight’s episode. Woohoo! Watch it live on A&E at 10/9c and see more. 😀

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