TV News – 8/18/10

Happy hump day! 😉 I cannot believe how quickly this summer is flying by. My baby girl is staring kindergarten in the fall, and I am so nervous about being away from her all day. I’m sure she’ll be fine, and I will be okay … eventually. Alright I will stop boring you with my mommy woes and get to some TV news.

Renee Felice Smith (), will be joining the cast of NCIS : Los Angeles, as Nell, a smart, tech savvy, intelligence analyst who will be helping Eric (Barrett Foa) in the tech center. I love the current vibe on NCIS: LA, so I really hope that this adds to that instead of messing it up. All that aside, who smells a future love hook up with the techs? Source

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Zap2It is reporting that Steven Tyler has reached a deal to become a judge on American Idol this coming season. I don’t even know where to go with this one. 😉 While I love Aerosmith, I’m just not sure Tyler is the right fit for Idol. At this point I am just curious as to who else they are going to add to the mix because as far as I know the only judge returning is Randy Jackson. What say you? Who do you want to see added to the judges panel now?

Ausiello is serving up a few decent spoilers in his Ask Ausiello column today. There are details on Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, House and other favorites. As always if you don’t like spoilers, then don’t click the link. Everyone else go ahead but be warned SPOILERS AHEAD!

The USA Network has announced the air date for the new drama, Facing Kate. The show will join the line up in January. I got to tour this set and do interviews for Facing Kate at the same time I got to do the Psych one, and let me tell you it’s worth tuning in for. The series focuses on a mediator, Kate (Sarah Shahi), and how she uses mediation to help both sides win. The series also stars the sexy Michael Trucco, the beautiful Virginia Williams, and the hilarious Baron Vaughn. For more on this series, and for the fall/winter premieres for your other favorite USA shows, head over to The Futon Critic. Source

That’s all for now, but check back tomorrow when I post interviews with Jackson Hurst (Drop Dead Diva) and my first interview from the set visit. 🙂 Sweet dreams.

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