If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/19/10

It gets harder and harder every day to just pick one show, especially because we both watch A LOT of televsion. Come Fall, we’ll both be watching so much television, don’t be surprised if we start picking more than one show! For now, we’ll focus on today, let’s see what our choices are.

Megan’s Choice

It’s Thursday, so that means … Rookie Blue! I cannot get enough of this show, and I am going to be sad when the season finale comes. Luckily that’s not tonight. 🙂

On tonight’s episode a 9 year old girl goes missing and the 15 Division starts searching across the city. Andy is put in to do an interrogation and uncovers some unsettling evidence. I love Andy (Missy Peregrym) and I personally want to see her with Sam but I guess we’ll see where the story goes. No matter where it goes I’ll be watching, tonight at 9/8c on ABC, will you?

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Jenny’s Choice

Megan’s right about it being harder and harder to choose every night! Luckily, for me, tonight was easy, especially since Megan chose Rookie Blue (which I also love!). My choice again this week is Burn Notice on USA at 9/8c.

On tonight’s episode, Michael and the rest of his team are approached by a woman who needs help taking down a conman Casanova with money on his mind who sleazed and squirmed his way into her life and then left witht he entire contents of her savings account.

The show has done a fantastic job this season on several respects. For the first time since the show started, Michael and Fiona are a true couple. I love that. What makes it better, though, is that they don’t shove it in our faces. Yes, we see hints of it almost every episode, whether it be from a comment someone makes or from a kiss or something like that, but it hasn’t taken over the entire show. They didn’t make the show solely about their relationship. (Take hint, Bones and Criminal Minds writers! Bah!) The other thing they have rocked at this season is drawing in Michael’s mother and having her be a bigger part of his actual work. She’s fantastic and rocks it!

Don’t miss tonight’s new episode, on USA at 9/8c!

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