If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/22/10

Another new week, and another week closer to fall and all the new shows and new episodes that delightful season brings. For now let’s concentrate on today and what we think you should be watching.

Megan’s Choice

I’m torn tonight because I think you should be watching Drop Dead Diva because it’s fantastic, but I also think you should be watching True Blood because the season is almost over and it’s getting intense. So my final choice is… True Blood. 😀

Last week’s episode had us gasping in shock, when Russell took his plight to television and Bill discovered what Sookie really is. This week Bill will warn Sookie about all the troubles and dangers coming her way, of course there’ll be disaster, love and sex because after all this is True Blood.

Tune in to HBO at 9 pm to watch this twisted addiction of mine (and yours) unfold. Happy viewing.

Jump for Jenny’s recommendation.

Jenny’s Choice

I am so excited for Sundays right now. The Glades rocks and I love it hard. On tonight’s episode, Longworth and Carlos are called to investigate the murder of a psychic advisor in the eerie town of Cassadaga, founded over 100 years ago by mediums and psychics; Callie’s friend asks Longworth to be her date at a party for Callie’s medical school. Ooooh, will that make Callie jealous? Hah, I hope so!

Catch the new episode of The Glades on A&E at 10/9c!

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