If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/5/11

The official countdown until Comic-Con is on! Only 15 days until preview night, and this girl is getting SUPER excited. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also going with my sister, so that makes it even more exciting. Until that wonderful day, I’ll have to keep myself busy watching some great television. Let’s see what’s on tonight to keep us all occupied, shall we?

Megan’s Choice

Last week’s MasterChef episode was like an early birthday present for me when Max got sent home. I was grinning like a fool, and I think I may even have let out a little squeal of delight. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m hoping my next present is Suzy going home, and then all will be well in my MasterChef world.

On tonight’s episode, the top 13 chefs take to the kitchen to battle it out again. In order to prove their worth, they are going to have to re-create the winner from last season, Whitney’s, signature dish.

Tune in to FOX tonight at 9/8c to see how the chefs measure up to Whitney. Learn where to find episodes online of MasterChef @ Clicker.

Jump ahead to see what the other brilliant contributors are suggesting.

Jenny’s Choice #1

So yes, I’m picking more than one episode tonight. I can’t help it! It’s a full night of television for me. (I had to shuffle stuff around 3 or 4 times to fit everything when I was scheduling my DVR! Ugh… What a problem to have, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) So while I think you should definitely be watching the new episodes of Combat Hospital, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, and HawthoRNe (check the site later this morning for my interview with guest star Bill Engvall!), my first pick of the night goes to one of my current favorites, Covert Affairs. I love that Annie is still learning things and that she didn’t turn into this sudden fount of knowledge after having left the academy early. Her friendship with Auggie is sweet and so much fun to watch. Auggie and their friendship are the best parts of the show, imo.

On tonight’s episode, Annie is tasked with uncovering the individual at NASA who is threatening the United State’s spy satellites by leaking pertinent information. Auggie moves to a new position, which forces Annie to adjust to working with a new tech operative.

Catch the new episode tonight on USA Network at 10/9c to see if Auggie will stick with the new position or if Annie will lure him back! Learn where to find episodes online of Covert Affairs @ Clicker.

Lisa’s Choice

Haven’t gotten hooked on last year’s ABC Family uber hit, Pretty Little Liars? Your Tuesday nights are seriously missing out! These four ladies know how to keep a secret or two. That is, at least, they thought they did! Someone has been blackmailing them, and this person (or is it persons?) has every intention of making their lives a living hell. As the ladies struggle to keep their secrets from getting out, they also struggle to keep their friendship in tact, but can they really do both at the same time?

Tonight, on an all new Pretty Little Liars, after getting Lucas a date with his new dream girl, Hanna feels the need to help him out when he starts to unravel as the day of the date swiftly approaches. When Caleb is thrown into the mix and Hanna’s idea of what is helpful begins to backfire, Lucas’ date takes a downward spiral. With Emily’s mother shouting to the world about her daughter’s scholarship commitment, Emily finds herself on the brink of spilling the truth behind the fake letter. However, when she gets some help from a very surprisingly supportive Samara, maybe the situation doesn’t seem as dire as Emily might have thought. Spencer, on the other hand, is fixated on the situation with Melissa and her mysterious communication with Ian and feels things are only going to escalate. She also feels that Wren may be the only one who can finally help her find some answers that she is looking for. Are these Liars ready for what they might find at the end of their search? Meanwhile, Aria has a chance encounter with Jason that brings back some very shocking memories.

Don’t miss a heart pounding moment of this fantastically dramatic show on ABC Family at 8/7c! Learn where to find episodes online of Pretty Little Liars @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice

The problem with writing about the same shows each week is that you run out of things to say. White Collar remains one of my favorite shows of the night. It’s got action/adventure/mystery/humor; how could you go wrong? Thinking back to the beginning, I wonder how different the show would be now if Natalie Morales’s character, Lauren Cruz, was still around. She only appeared in about half of the first season episodes, and they never really did a lot with her. I wonder if she would have turned into a love interest for Neal, or if we would have still seen the return of Diana, or if we would be seeing even less of Peter’s wife. Whatever the answers, I’m glad things have played out as they have, because I’m still really enjoying the show and like the current cast.

In tonight’s episode, “Veiled Threat,” Neal and Peter go undercover to find a black widow’s next target.

See the new episode tonight on USA Network at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of White Collar @ Clicker.

Jenny’s Choice #2

I’ve been looking forward to tonight’s episode of Memphis Beat since I found out one of the storylines. The character of Davey Sutton is one of my favorites, and he (along with Dwight’s mother) plays a big part tonight. I love this show for a lot of reasons, and it’s kind of this quiet thing back in the background, getting drowned out by bigger shows on bigger networks. It’s sad, because I think if more people gave it a chance, they would fall in love with Jason Lee’s Detective Dwight Hendricks as easily as I have.

Tonight, Dwight and Whitehead begin to investigate another seemingly-average missing person’s case, but are shocked when they discover that a nun is the prime suspect. Sutton seeks parental guidance from Dwight’s mom when he finds a baby. (Check out the site later today for an interview with DJ Qualls, who plays Davey Sutton, about tonight’s episode and the show in general!)

See the new episode tonight on TNT at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Memphis Beat @ Clicker.

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2 Responses to If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/5/11

  1. Kyle says:

    So disappointed Max is gone from MasterChef, but I do feel they made the right choice soley based on the results of that elimination task. However, they should have forced that team captain to complete as their loss was totally her fault. Also, the woman competing with Max was so insane and out of her mind! She completely lost it in that last episode! It was so uncomfortable to watch–would have preferred to see her go over Max.

  2. Megan says:

    I do agree that they should have forced the team captain to compete as well. I also agree that the woman competing was off her freaking rocker. All of that aside, I was just happy that Max is gone. However, after tonight’s episode Christian has stepped into the arrogant role.