Recap/Review – The Closer – “Drug Fiend” – 7/23/12

Brenda investigates the murder of an oncologist and has the tricky task of obtaining private patient files from the doctor’s stubborn partner.


Detective Gabriel arrives to the crime scene with his girlfriend, Anne. After not faring well with Gabriel’s mother, Anne is not too anxious to meet his boss.

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The victim is Dr. Chris Brady, a board-certified oncologist. Dr. Brady was beaten and strangled, and all of the opiates are missing; it looks as if an addict ransacked the office.

His partner, Dr. Parr, with whom he shared the practice, arrives on scene and attributes Brady’s murder to his frequent treatment of the homeless and addicts. Brenda asks for a list of their patients, prompting an answer from not only Dr. Parr, but from Anne, Gabriel’s girlfriend, as well. She cites HIPPA and its restrictions on releasing patient information. Since Anne isn’t being helpful, Brenda urges Gabriel to, please, escort his chatterbox outside. Brenda asks Dr. Parr yet again for the list. When he hints that she’s simply insensitive to cancer patients, she storms out, and he’s left to face the wrath of Provenza and Flynn.

Brady fired his nurse, Laura Shaw, last night and she’s been brought in as a suspect. Shaw found discrepancies in the medical files; Brady was ordering medication for fake patients. Once she brought it to his attention, she had the option to overlook it or leave, and she chose the latter.

Chief Pope is unhappy with the way Brenda handled Dr. Parr. He brings up the lawsuit for the umpteenth time and wants Brenda to go through the proper channels to receive the patient names. The proper channels being a special masters warrant, which Brenda argues could take weeks, delaying the investigation. Pope also wants Brenda to release Parr’s infusion room to avoid further lawsuits. Captain Taylor and Rader allow Brenda some wiggle-room within Pope’s strict guidelines; Rader is holding off Hobbs, and Taylor hasn’t told Parr about the release of his office.

Wally Sanders was the last person to see Dr. Brady alive. He supplied discount prescriptions solely for Brady (Parr wouldn’t accept) and praised Brady’s decision to hand down the discount to his patients.

As Dr. Parr continues his stubborn stance on releasing patient information at the precinct, Brenda offers him a deal: the list in return for the release of his office. She even enlists the help of Anne (she needs to redeem herself anyway!), the lawyer working with the LAPD. Anne wisely goes along with the charade. Parr finally concedes.

Rader and Gabriel bond over their (secret!) love of lawyers, and she hands off the application for the special master needing Brenda’s signature to Gabriel.

Ms. Lee, a patient of Dr. Brady’s, hands over her waiver; she’s recently had a round of chemotherapy, yet looks very well. She thanks Dr. Brady for that and criticizes Dr. Parr for the harsh treatment of his patients.

Dr. Morales looked over the files of Brady’s patients and finds that none of them were receiving any treatment. That explains the absence of the harsh side effects that usually result from the chemo. And the extra medication Brady ordered wasn’t to scam Medicare, as Fritz found that he paid for it out-of-pocket.

The following morning, Brenda recieves a call from Willie Ray. She and Dad are flying in soon. This case is hitting very close to home for Brenda, and it doesn’t help that Pope is being such a prick.

Dr. Parr wants to examine and compare Brady’s files against his own. He’s observed Brady’s seemingly well patients and wondered if they were receiving treatment but never said anything about it for fear of a suit even after Nurse Shaw spoke to him about the matter.

Dr. Brady probably bought the extra drugs to see if they were real. These doctors trusted Wally’s paperwork that only said “Use as directed.” Brady wasn’t the only one buying from Wally; he was in business with doctors all over California.

The detectives intercept one of Wally’s deliveries, and when they test his supplies, the “medication” is found to be made up of salt water. They recover mass amounts of drug labels, printers, and 50 gallons of saline from Wally’s home.

Wally’s racked up $6 million from the proceeds of these fake drugs. And Saturday night (the night of Brady’s murder), he purchased a new case.

Wally, far from remorseful, blames the doctors for using poison to destroy the lives of their patients. In his mind, he has helped them enjoy the little time they have left. That argument would probably sound better if he wasn’t racking up millions in profit.

Brenda calls Dr. Parr into her office, not to apologize but to make an appointment for her father. Parr may be a jerk, but he’s a great doctor, and that’s all she cares about right now.

Great episode. I love that we’re learning more about Captain Rader. In her scene with Gabriel, though, when she handed off the special masters, something seemed off. (I’m still trying to figure out the leak in the department, so everything looks suspicious!!)

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– Lindsay

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