If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/8/16

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice #1

hawaiifiveo18smallIt’s been a month since the last Hawaii Five-0 due to the holidays, and it was a tough one. The brother of a promising young boxer was killed, and the prime suspect was the reigning boxing champion – a loud, brash “bad boy” of boxing. Turned out the guy was not quite like he portrayed himself in public, and he wasn’t the killer. The killer turned out to be a man Gabriel hired to get security access to the fight from the victim, but when he wouldn’t give it to them, the guy killed him because he believed that’s what Gabriel wanted him to do. In the end, the victim’s brother got in the ring and nearly went down, but he ended up winning the fight like we all had to know he’d do. It turned out that Gabriel wanted in because his men were going to kill the heads of all the crime families, who were all in attendance. Five-0 saved them all, but in the end, Gabriel stopped the ambulance carrying the one who’d made a deal with him and ended up killing him. This guy is so dirty. He needs to be caught…soon! Especially since he’s the one ultimately responsible for Adam’s predicament.

Speaking of Adam… Elsewhere during the episode, he and Kono spent some time together before he had to surrender himself to the prison. He went to the temple and prayed (I’m assuming that’s what it was…) and then they had a sweet, sad good-bye scene outside the prison gates. He gave her his ring for safekeeping and asked her to wait, telling her a story of his grandparents, who were separated for three years when his grandfather was drafted to the Japanese Navy. Eighteen months is going to be a long time, but I can’t imagine Kono won’t wait for him. I hope she does. I love Adam and adore them together!

On tonight’s episode, “Kuleana (One’s Personal Sense of Responsibility),” while Steve and Danny attend a couples retreat in Maui to work on their partnership issues, Kamekona’s dangerous past comes back to haunt him.

Find out how Kamekona’s past comes back tonight on CBS at 9/8c.
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Kyle’s Choice

masterchefjunior2015I’ve been enjoying the current season of MasterChef: Junior. There’s actually no contestants I hate, and that’s always what I hope for when watching reality competition series! (I know, it’s horrible to suggest that some of the kids might have been hate-able.) In the last episode, for the mystery box challenge, the mini chefs were blindfolded and tasted a dish prepared by Gordon, and then they had to recreate this dish solely based on what they thought they tasted. Tiniest chef Kya (who’s proving to be quite the powerhouse) was named the winner, with Kaitlyn in a close second, and the two girls would serve as captains for the team challenge.

As the winner of the Mystery Box, Kya was given either first pick of teammates or first pick of ingredients, and she went with the latter, selecting New England over New Mexico. For the team challenge, the two teams had to cook for 31 VIP grannies and only had 90 minutes to do so. Kya’s team ended up losing the battle, but it was Jesse and Ian who went home. My bet is still that it’s going to ultimately come down to Kya and Addison in the end – both girls have continually impressed the judges throughout the competition.

On tonight’s first episode, “Hatching a Plan,” the cooks compete in pairs to make the most deviled eggs in 12 minutes, and the winners are safe from the next elimination challenge, which involves making signature dishes from their future cookbooks. Then, in “Tag Team Time,” Christina’s mother is on hand for a mystery-box challenge featuring Christina’s favorite childhood foods; and a tag-team platter contest uses international street-food ingredients.

See who goes home on tonight’s double episode on FOX starting at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching Undateable.

Jenny’s Choice #2

bluebloods18smallIt’s also been a month since the last Blue Bloods, and while I’m sometimes wary going into an episode because of the description, 99% of the time I come out having enjoyed it immensely. This is one of those few shows that I know will work out the way I want it to almost every time. Frank was able to manipulate the situation so the man who was going to burn a flag in protest would have had to do it near his father’s grave, and he wasn’t able to do it. Then there was Danny, whose former partner had gotten up to no good, stealing and planting evidence in order to put away a very bad guy for murder. Danny hadn’t known anything about it before now, and in the end he had to figure out what kind of cop he wanted to be, even if it was to help keep a murderer in prison.

I’m excited about tonight’s episode because of the description, but I’m also nervous too. I’m a big fan of Jamie and Eddie together, but I don’t want to see their partnership broken up. So I’m on the fence about what I want to see happen. Hopefully nothing bad comes about tonight!

On tonight’s episode, “Back in the Day,” when Frank’s first partner announces plans to publish a book filled with stories of their early days on the force, Frank worries about his personal stories being made public. Also, when Jamie and Eddie catch a call about a nearby officer needing assistance, the choices they each make will affect their future in the department and their relationship.

To see how the past and future are affected, tune in to CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Last Man Standing, MasterChef: Junior, Undateable, & Unforgettable.

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