If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/22/16

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice #1

ncis1122smallLast week’s NCIS was a sad one, case-wise. The witness in a murder case was a former Marine, but when the team looked into him as a suspect before they knew he was just a witness, it caught the attention of Immigration, who came for him, as the guy had never formally become a citizen after moving from Mexico with his mother as a young child. He assumed like many do that when he served in the military, citizenship was automatically granted. So Bishop and Torres were sent to get him from where he’d been spotted and picked up and bring him back to NCIS to turn over to Immigration. He begged to visit his mother first, so Bishop and Torres agreed, even lying to his mother about who they were and where he was going, saying he was rejoining the Marines and being sent overseas again, rather than being deported. I didn’t really understand that… What, is he just never going to tell his mother?? Seemed a little silly, but whatever. I’m hoping that we’ll revisit this story line again later, with Gibbs finding a way to help the guy and bring him back legally to the US.

On a personal front, Tony’s father was in town to sublet Tony’s apartment, since he was staying in Paris with his daughter for an unspecified length of time. Senior couldn’t figure out who to give the apartment to, since McGee, Bishop, and Abby wanted to sublet it. In the end, he and Jimmy drew names, and to everyone’s surprise, Torres won the draw. He gave it to McGee & Delilah. I guess that’s fair, given that McGee and Tony worked together and were friends for years, but…whatever. 🙂 It was fun to see McGee, Bishop, and Abby compete to win Senior’s affection. McGee tried to appeal to his romantic/family side, showing him a photo album he’d put together of himself and Delilah, telling him about their engagement. Bishop wrote a long, wordy essay. And Abby tried to show him how much she loved spending time with him by having him come to the lab, etc.

On tonight’s episode, “Enemy Combatant,” after NCIS Agent Bishop is sent to Gitmo to gather evidence for a Navy chaplain murder case, she questions her previous work at the NSA. Also, Bishop’s brothers, George, John, and Robert (Ryan Doom, Jesse Bradford, and Jesse Johnson), visit for the Thanksgiving holiday and pester her co-workers to find out who she is dating.

Find out why Bishop questions her work at the NSA tonight on CBS at 8/7c.
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Megan’s Choice

bull1122smallThere has been something missing from the television-viewing experience since The Mentalist finished up, but that spot has been filled for me with the new CBS show Bull. Bull is a very intelligent and confident man whose skills to read people lends itself well to being a jury consultant. I know everyone hates jury duty, but if I was on a jury that got to sit there and see Bull in the courtroom, I may sign up for it willingly.

Last week’s episode focused on a surgeon who was being sued for malpractice when he had to perform a hysterectomy to save a woman’s life. It is sad, but he did the right thing. Unfortunately, it isn’t an easy job for Bull and his team to make this surgeon come across as anything but pompous, seeing as most surgeons have a God complex and never see the way they appear to others. Thankfully Bull managed to get through to him, and it ended well for the surgeon. I really enjoy watching the team map a way to get the jury on their side, and it makes me think that given the right coaching anyone could be influenced to a certain view.

On tonight’s episode, “Never Saw the Sign,” as Bull assists a man facing vehicular manslaughter charges, he uncovers a connection between his client’s trial and a corrupt state assemblyman who would greatly benefit from a guilty verdict. Also, Danny and Cable team up to investigate why Marissa is suddenly acting and dressing differently.

To see how Bull handles this difficult and emotional case, tune in to CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching NCIS: New Orleans, This Is Us, American Housewife, The Voice, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chicago Fire, and Chopped.

Jenny’s Choice #2

ncisnola1122smallOMG. Lasalle’s a daddy on NCIS: New Orleans! At least, that’s what a former two-week flame (a woman who was in town for a couple of weeks a couple of years ago…) claimed when she finally tracked him down in person since he wasn’t answering her calls. She was even audacious enough to introduce the little boy as such when he and Gregorio left work and she met them outside. So now Gregorio knows as well. I’m sure the little boy IS his, otherwise why even bring up this story line, but if I were Lasalle, I’d be asking for a paternity test and why she waited till NOW to tell him about the little boy. And what is this going to do to the chemistry Lasalle and Percy have?! Ugh. And I just want Gregorio to go back to NY. I miss having Lasalle and Percy work together. I don’t mind Gregorio as a character, but I don’t like her with the team permanently. 🙁 Also on the personal front, Loretta and Pride were stunned when her adopted son, Danny, told them he wasn’t going to college but was instead enlisting in the Navy. Loretta begged Pride to talk to Danny, but when he did, he realized Danny had thought long and hard about the decision, so rather than trying to talk Danny out of it like Loretta wanted, he convinced the two of them to talk it through together.

Putting all that aside, the case of the coach who abused his students before he retired was sad. For one former basketball player turned Navy SEAL candidate, being tied up for SEAL training brought back memories of the abuse, and he confronted is abuser, who killed him. Thankfully the team caught him, but not before we learned that the mayor (back before he was mayor) knew about the allegations but “didn’t believe” them. Pride didn’t believe he “didn’t believe,” instead guessing Hamilton knew but chose to sweep it aside for political reasons. The mayor is a piece of work, I tell ya!

On tonight’s episode, “Outlaws,” the NCIS team investigates the murder of a sailor during a rowdy motorcycle rally in the city, and Percy goes undercover. Also, Lasalle turns to Gregorio for advice on his personal life. The band Blackberry Smoke performs.

See if the team can solve the murder tonight on CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chopped Junior, Team Ninja Warrior, American Housewife, Bull, MasterChef Canada, Aftermath, Chicago Fire, Chopped, & Shooter.

Kyle’s Choice

sweetvicious1122smallLast week, MTV kicked off its new dark comedy, Sweet/Vicious. Jules (Eliza Bennett, Strike Back, Broadchurch) seems like your typical blonde sorority girl, but she is secretly leading a double life. At night Jules dons a mask and meters out her own form of vigilante justice against those guilty of sexual assault on the Darlington College campus. In last week’s premiere, computer-hacking weed dealer Ophelia (Taylor Dearden, 101 Ways to Get Rejected) discovered Jules’s secret and started following her. One night when Ophelia saw Jules in trouble, she stepped in to help, accidentally killing former star athlete/major assault suspect Carter Fischer with a wrench. The girls hid the body in the trunk of their car and headed to a bar talk about what to do next. While there, they ran into nice guy Tyler (Nick Fink, T@gged), who Jules had recently met at a party, only to discover that the dead body in their car belonged to Tyler’s stepbrother.

I found the premiere to be a fun, interesting take on a serious subject. They do a good job of adding humor to the more-serious concept of sexual assaulters getting their comeuppance. While Jules had been doling out her vigilante justice, she had never actually killed anyone before, so this is brand new territory – plus the dead body belongs to a relative of a guy she really likes. So how are the girls going to get out of this mess? What are they going to do with the body? And will they let this “minor setback” stop them from their extracurricular crime-fighting activities? And how will this affect a possible relationship between Jules and Tyler?

On tonight’s episode, “The Writing’s on the Wall,” in light of recent events, Jules ceases her vigilante activities, but when Ophelia shows her how so many girls are also suffering from sexual assault on campus, Jules agrees to continue to fight for revenge with Ophelia.

Find out how Ophelia convinces Jules to keep fighting tonight on MTV at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Middle, American Housewife, This Is Us, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, The Flash, No Tomorrow, Teen Wolf, Aftermath, Good Behavior, and Shooter.

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