If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/22/17

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice

I’m so happy because tonight is the Major Crimes winter premiere. For the first time in its five-season run, it’s airing on Wednesdays instead of Mondays. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the audience will follow it, since this is one of my favorite shows.

When we last left off in September, the arc of the Dwight Darnell/Zyklon Brotherhood murders finally wrapped up. Dwight’s mother learned that his father (Martin Borja, who worked with the City Housing Authority) set the entire thing up, and she agreed to go in wearing a wire to talk to him. Unfortunately for Martin, she was angry enough that he’d gotten their son killed that she grabbed his gun and killed him before the police could rush in. In the midst of all that was a young boy whose mother was killed. Sanchez had become his foster father, but in the finale, they found the boy’s biological grandparents, which meant Sanchez had to give him up, right as the boy had become happy and comfortable with him. The other big story arc for a while has been Buzz working to solve the cold case of his father’s & uncle’s murders. He finally found the guy (with a little help from Rusty) and had him arrested, but it was a little hollow, since the guy had turned his life around and was a stand-up guy, married with kids of his own. And finally, Flynn! Andy had a heart attack just as the episode was wrapping up. What a way to leave off before the five-month break!

I’ve seen tonight’s episode, and it’s a lot of fun and sets up the remaining half of the season. I can’t wait to rewatch it and catch all the other new episodes after this week’s!

On tonight’s episode, “Heart Failure,” when Captain Sharon Raydor and the Major Crimes Division investigate the murder of a young woman found in the LA River, their case is not only impeded by a secretive PI working for a tech industry millionaire, but also by Deputy Chief Winnie Davis (guest star Camryn Manheim), who regards Sharon as competition for the promotion to Assistant Chief of the LAPD.

Learn Andy’s fate and meet Sharon’s competition tonight on TNT at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Blindspot, The Goldbergs, Hunted, Lethal Weapon, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, Modern Family, black-ish, Bakers vs. Fakers, Chicago PD, Match Game, & Six.
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Megan’s Choice

I was a very happy fan last week when Ruzek returned to Chicago PD, ending the episode with a hot moment between him and Burgess. This is long overdue for these two, and I hope it’s the beginning of a whole new chapter for them. Romantic moment aside, the case was intriguing, with the team arresting a conman and his wife after he faked his own death and murdered someone. I loved seeing the team finally finding out why Kenny left his last unit and them accepting him fully.

On tonight’s episode, “Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will,” when Lindsay is tipped off about a grieving father looking to avenge his daughter’s death, Olinsky goes undercover as a hitman-for-hire. With Gang Intelligence lacking enough evidence to arrest the original gangbanger in question, the team works to reinvestigate the case. Meanwhile, Ruzek comes back after finishing his undercover assignment, only to have Voight knock him down to patrol duty.

Find out how Ruzek handles the new beat tonight on NBC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching Blindspot, Lethal Weapon, Hunted, Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, and Doubt.

Kyle’s Choice

I have been thoroughly enjoying CBS’s reality series, Hunted. Never in a million years did I think I would every find myself so stressed out and nervous for a bunch of fugitives, hoping they will be able to evade capture from the police. Last week, things got really close for David & Emily. The hunters surrounded a cabin in the woods where they were believed to be staying, but there happened to be two cabins with the same address, and the hunters were at the wrong one. The couple sensed something was wrong and managed to escape just in the nick of time. However, unbeknownst to them, the command center team managed to figure out that they were driving a dealer car given to them by a friend and started searching the highway camera licence plate logs. Meanwhile, Aarif & Immad found their way to a mosque, where they were able to get some food and rest for the night. But the next morning they needed to go to the ATM, which immediately alerted the hunters to their position and put them back on their trail. Finally, Lee & Hilmar decided to call a pilot friend to fly in Lee’s wife for a visit, despite knowing that the plane would be easy to track. Afterwards, they had Lee’s wife post a photo of them to Facebook to taunt the hunters.

There are just 4 teams left, and I really want at least one of them to make it through and take home the $250K! However, these hunters have some amazing (and scary) technology at their hands. I’m not sure how they are legally allowed to use some of this spy tech as the people they are hunting are not actually fugitives from the law! I am really rooting for the Escape Room business owners, but they have been so cocky and brazen that they’re going to end up getting themselves caught. I wish they would just hide out for whatever time they have left and take home the prize money!

On tonight’s penultimate episode, “Poking the Bear,” one team uses an online ruse to divert the hunters’ attention. Later, the hunters go after another pair after obtaining surveillance footage from their last location.

See if the teams can all evade the hunters tonight on CBS at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Goldbergs, Speechless, Modern Family, black-ish, Match Game, Criminal Minds, Doubt, The 100, Spy in the Wild: A Nature Miniseries, Workaholics, Jeff & Some Aliens, Man Seeking Woman, The Magicians, The Expanse, Major Crimes, and Suits.

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