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aboutjennybonessmallMy name is Jenny. I’m the owner of TV Is My Pacifier, and I work mainly on the weekly and daily schedules, as well as generally just keeping the site up and running.

I would be hard pressed to list my favorite shows, as the list seems to change daily (although after reading Megan’s favorites list, I realized that mine is pretty much hers as well. LOL), but if you name it, I most likely watch it, although I’ve cut down on my viewing list a good bit the last year or two. My favorite show of all-time was Alias, and I was absolutely DEVESTATED when it ended. My new favorite TV obsessions, though, are Castle, Bones, & NCIS: LA. I’m a huge shipper (meaning, I am all about the relationships between couples). Two of my favorites are Booth/Bones on Bones & Castle/Beckett on Castle, but apparently I’m big into shipping non-couple couples… Some of my favorites are: Morgan/Garcia on Criminal Minds, Kensi & Deeks on NCIS: LA, Tony & Ziva on NCIS, & others like that. 😀

aboutjennycastlesmallI’ve been married to my husband Scott (who designed the look & a lot of the functionality for TViMP!) for almost 17 years, and we have a 15-year-old son.

I am also very much into fanfiction for Twilight, Criminal Minds, and the Janet Evanovich/Stephanie Plum books. I write, edit, and read as often as I get the chance.

Feel free to Email Me anytime with a question or comment! You can also catch me on Twitter with the site’s Twitter account!

5 Responses to About Jenny

  1. chris garby says:

    Hey Jenny,

    i am a long time subscriber every week, using your page to be sure i catch all my shows. i am glad you are feeling better and you are back. i was wondering if there was any way you could give us the breakdown of the shows that were on during the week while you were out? i know i couldnt watch them live now, but i can watch them on demand for the next week or 2, so i wanted to be sure i caught all the shows for that week. if it is too much effort then by all means feel free to disregard this. if it would be far too much effort for you, could you give me a link or 2 that i could look at similar to yours that you would trust so i can catch up for last week? thanks for everything. see you here each and every week.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks a bunch! 🙂 I did email you back, but for anyone else interested, The Futon Critic should have the info Chris was looking for!


  2. Mai says:

    Hi Jenny,

    There hasn’t been any update on this site since last week. Hope you and everyone is OK!


  3. Shafiq Khokhar says:


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